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AID-70 of M is entered in the state registers of measuring instruments of Russia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus and is on sale only with the state metrological checking.


The device AID-70 M is intended for measurement of electric durability of isolation of power high-voltage cables, various electroinsulating materials, and also the devices working as a part of electrical units of high voltage.

Measurement is carried out by means of giving on the examinee an object of high-voltage constant or alternating voltage of a sinusoidal form with a frequency of 50 Hz with control of the current consumed by loading, beginning from tens of microamperes.

AID-70 of M can be used as a source of high constant and alternating voltage with the maximum temporary output alternating current to 50 ma and a direct current to 10 ma.

AID-70 of M is equipped with the modern system of removal of a residual capacitor charge which is not demanding existence of an outdated unreliable design of an external zamykatel.

AID-70 of M conforms to requirements of GOST 1516.2-97 (The general test methods of electric durability of isolation), corresponds to the declared characteristics and is entered in the State register of measuring instruments for No. 34031. It is important criterion for obtaining the certificate of accreditation on the relevant testing laboratory - the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 163 of 24.02.2009.

AID-70 of M is certified on compliance of GOST on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility: Certificate of conformity No. POCC RU.ME.65. HO 1142, Declaration on compliance No. POCC RU.ME.65. D00323. AID-70 of M allows to connect light and sound indication of inclusion of high voltage. Intensity of the electromagnetic field created by the device AID-70M in a workplace of the operator does not exceed admissible level according to the SanPiN "Electromagnetic fields under production conditions". The kilovoltmeter and the milliamperemeter installed in the control panel by the device have a calibration brand.

Since August 3, 2009 the AID trademark is registered in the State register of trademarks and service marks of the Russian Federation behind number 385408 (a priority of December 07, 2007) and from this point LLC Special Design Bureau Medrentekh has the exclusive right to its use. Pay attention, our enterprise is not related to the equipment of an unknown origin and quality of production offered today designated with use of an abbreviation of "AID-70" except for "AID-70M" and "AID-70Ts".

Technical characteristics of the device AID-70 M
Range of regulation of tension (constant/variable) 2-70/2-50 kV
The maximum working current - at constant/alternating voltage 10 ma/50 ma
Direct voltage measurement on nagruzkes a relative (absolute) error no more than 3%
Protection against excess of the maximum tension and current of loading
Limits of measurement of current on an additional diapazonedlya of an alternating/direct current 0-2000 mka/0-1000 mka
Supply voltage (220±-22) V, 50 Hz
Mass-dimensional characteristics of AID-70 of M
Lot of installation of the panel of the management/block high-voltage, kg 14/37
Dimensions of packing (DKHSHKHV), mm 790х300х660
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