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Today the device AID-70Ts is the most modern and functionally saturated device for test of isolation and generation of high voltage.


The device AID-70Ts is intended for measurement of electric durability of isolation of the power high-voltage cables, various electroinsulating materials and devices working as a part of electrical units of high voltage. AID-70Ts can be used as a source of high voltage of an alternating and direct current.

Analog prototype of the device is the AID-70M which is successfully released within several years proved as the reliable and unpretentious device for high-voltage tests and generation of tension.

The microprocessor system of processing of signals applied in the device and managements of a power part allowed to increase the accuracy of measurement and to equip AID-70Ts with new functions for convenience of work with the device.
The c is used the double-circuit system of stabilization allowing to increase the accuracy of maintenance of tension at the set level and to exclude possible fluctuations. It became possible thanks to separate tracking of fluctuations of tension of power supply and tension connected with change of current of loading. The control system monitors possible changes and optimizes a signal of control of the autotransformer.

Features of the device:

  • the built-in memory allowing to write down parameters of five often carried most out types of tests (insulators, rated sportsmen, switches, cables of 6,3 kV, cables of 10 kV, etc.) -
  • possibility of the choice between a manual and automatic operating mode. The last provides a task the operator of size of test tension with a step of 1 kV, speed -
  • rise in test tension, tension and current of operation of protection, time of carrying out test -
  • conclusion of all necessary information on parameters and results of tests to the liquid crystal panel -
  • possibility of a conclusion of the test report to the press -
  • the panel of the device is executed in the shock-resistant tight plastic case with a convenient strap for transportation.
Technical characteristics
Range of regulation of tension (constant/variable) 2-70 kV / 2-50 kV
Loading current at constant/alternating voltage 0-10 ma/0-20 ma
Direct voltage measurement on nagruzkes a relative (absolute) error no more than 3%
Protection against excess of the maximum tension and current of loading
Limits of measurement of current on an additional diapazonedlya of an alternating/direct current 0-2000 mka/0-1000 mka
Parameters of a power line (220±-22) V, 50 Hz
Mass-dimensional characteristics:
Lot of installation of the panel of the management/block high-voltage, kg 15/37
Dimensions of packing (DKHSHKHV), mm 790х300х660
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