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Air collectors are capacities for air storage which serve for alignment of pressure of compressed air. The equipment smoothes an air pulsation when giving to the stationary compressor. Air collectors are called in other words receivers of compressed air. They always work under a high pressure.

Device and operation

The air collector represents a vessel which works for air accumulation. Air collectors need to be operated at the parameters specified in working documentation. The air collector in assembled form, counterflanges, the safety valve, also fittings standardly is included in the delivery package.

Safety at operation of an air collector is ensured by its design on condition of observance by the consumer of all norms and requirements of the instruction. The air collector is not a source of noise, a gas contamination and vibration in a zone of its service.

Pay attention that before start of an air collector in operation on an air collector have to be established: safety valve, manometer, shutoff valves.

Operation of an air collector at increase of pressure above the worker is not allowed, at malfunctions of the safety valve and manometer, at detection in basic elements of cracks, thinning of walls, the admission of seams, leaks in marsh connections.


Air collectors are applied to air stationary compressors of general purpose. They are intended for creation of a reserve of air for technological needs and smoothing of a pulsation in air ducts during the operation of piston compressors of general purpose and compressors of other types. A working environment - air.

1 The air collector is vertical

The air collector represents the capacity of a cylindrical form made of metal and intended for storage of compressed air and various gases. Air collectors vertical are used for compensation of the pulsations of air arising during the operation of the stationary compressor. Devices such often call an air collector receiver, but it is not always correct. Strictly speaking, the usual air collector is a vertical metal capacity for air and gases from 0,5 to 50 cubic meters. And the air collector receiver is a horizontal capacity from 0,1 to 0,9 cubic meters.

Types of air collectors

Air collectors vertical are the most widespread type of devices. Such approach is explained by the fact that vertically established air collector occupies the smaller space. Marking of air collectors includes code designation of volume. For example, the air collector in 1 has the volume of 1 cubic meter and can be considered as a receiver with horizontal installation. And here the air collector in 6,3 is calculated on the volume of 6,3 cubic meters and, as a rule, is established vertically.

Production and complete set

One of the most popular models is the air collector 6.3 calculated on the volume of 6,3 m3. At the request of the customer an air collector in 10 and other models of air collectors are completed with the safety valve, the manometer and shutoff valves. Production of air collectors is controlled at all stages – from the entering control of materials and details, before testing of finished products.

Operation of air collectors

Before the first start the air collector in 2 and other models needs to be equipped with the safety valve and the corresponding shutoff valves. Our clients can buy an air collector in 3 2 completely ready to connection. The provided technical documentation contains all necessary recommendations about safe work with the equipment. The air collector in 10 and others should be connected to the grounding device with a resistance no more than 4 Ohms without fail. Correctly mounted air collectors vertical and horizontal do not bear threat for environment, they are not the reason of vibration, the increased noise or a gas contamination source.

2 Flowing air collectors like A1I. This equipment is intended for the centralized collecting the air congestions moving on the pipeline. It separates air bubbles from the heat carrier. It allows to prevent formation of an air stopper, thereby having increased overall performance of system of heating and heat supply in general. Air collectors like A1I are used for reduction of fluctuations of pressure in the air duct. Can be applied as a receiver as a part of compressor installations.


Air collectors like A1I represent a vessel of a cylindrical form with the flat or elliptic welded bottoms. This equipment is made of high - quality carbonaceous steel. Devices maintain pressure to 12 kgfs/cm2. Air collectors like A1I can be horizontal and vertical types. They are established in the highest point of vertical and horizontal sites of the pipeline of internal heating system.


From the above the main scope of flowing air collectors like A1I is clear. These are heating systems and heat supply in general. Devices are intended for installation on pipelines of systems of heat supply and heating with a temperature of heat carrier up to 150 degrees and pressure up to 1,2 MPas.

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Air collectors / Receivers
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