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Air is necessary for all life forms on Earth. Also modern diesel engines need it. The ordinary diesel engine of the powerful truck needs on average from 13 000 to 20 000 liters of air to burn only one liter of fuel. However, air contains the polluting substances to which exhaust gases, dust, a smog and other particles belong. Like temperature and humidity, they are invisible, but they exert negative impact on the engine. These particles, polluting air, can lead to serious damages of components of the engine. Normal road conditions in the air consumed by the 16 liters engine contain nearly 20 kilograms of the polluting substances on 100 000 km of run. There is no place to compromises. The air intake represents completely open system. Air filters are extremely important for powerful diesel engines, the air "inhaled" by these engines has to have high extent of cleaning. Quality of air substantially influences performance data of the diesel engine.

The littered air filters worsen working parameters of the engine, increase fuel consumption, increase the maintenance of a smoke in exhaust gases and do harm to environment. The design of the Fleetguard air filters provides optimum quality of air, and also the highest performance data during all term of operation of the engine.

Air filters can differ considerably from each other on extent of cleaning even if the difference in indicators of efficiency seems insignificant. The results of tests given below were received in the conditions of the high content of dust (200 mg/m ³).

Number of the filter Efficiency of the filter The amount of dust which passed through the filter
Filter No. 1 99,0% 2.0
Filter No. 2 99,5% 1.0
Filter No. 3 99,6% 0.8
Filter No. 4 99,7% 0.6
Filter No. 5 99,8% 0.4
Filter No. 6 99,9% 0.2

The filter 1 with efficiency of cleaning in 99,0% passes in the engine twice bigger than dust, in comparison with the filter which efficiency makes 99,5%. This difference

increases to 10 if to compare the Filter 1 to the filter 6 which has an efficiency of 99.9%! Finally, the correct use of the correct filter can exert considerable impact on wear degree, performance data and operational costs of the diesel engine.

Approximately to understand what amount of air is consumed by the diesel, use a formula:

Power (l/forces) * 0,07 = m ³ / mines,

so at the power of 300 horsepowers the engine consumes:

300 x 0,07 = 21 m ³/min. air

0,6 m ² filter paper have to be laid on each cubic meter of air used by the diesel in the air filter. For the engine consuming 21 m ³ / min. air in the filter has to have 12,6 m ² cellulose.

Can get to the engine of pollution only from air - when using air filters with low extent of cleaning. Therefore the main filter for the diesel engine is the air filter.

By tests of Cummins Diesel it is established to put the diesel out of action, it is necessary one gram of dust on one horsepower. Therefore it is necessary to use air filters of the famous producers, with big efficiency of a filtration.

Fleetguard have no standard approach to production of filters because it works directly with producers of engines and equipment, projects and releases filters of basic data and parameters which the customer (producer) gives.

Having in assortment more than 1500 various products - from clips for fastening of the case, to the most modern air filters - the Fleetguard company is the world leader in the field of an air filtration, covering all requirements of difficult systems of the air intake for the engines working in extreme conditions. Fleetguard are strongly recommended for application in construction, the mining industry, rural and forest farms, and also in other branches in which cars are operated under trying conditions. Fleetguard pays special attention to improvement of working parameters of filters and quality of production. Production is developed for the purpose of providing the best performance data of cars during all term of their operation. It is the ideal choice for more effective protection of the engine, for increase in intervals of routine maintenance, and decrease in costs of service in general.

Quality of the air filter can be determined also by external signs. In the air filter all paper has to be laid evenly. In order that "corrugations" were not squeezed or stretched, special pleating of paper which allows to lay the most necessary amount of paper in the filter becomes. Uniform laying of paper allows the filter to pass air evenly on all surface and consequently, increases service life of the air filter. Filters where uniformity of laying is not observed, fail quicker, the thicket needs to change them. The "stretched" surface of paper is hammered with dust quicker as the filter has a small surface of a filtration, than it is necessary for the engine, and "squeezed" has high resistance and can not pass air at all. The system of the corrugated materials Fleetguard provides uniform distribution of folds and identical air load of their surface that allows to reach the maximum productivity and service life of the filter.

Fleetguard filters are outside glued on the forming thin strip of thermoglue (a glue path). It is necessary in order that paper did not vibrate from a stream of the air passing with a high speed through the filter was observed the correct axial distribution of folds and their protection in a filter usage time. In the filters which do not have such glue path from vibration on bends of paper microcracks through which dust gets into the engine are formed. Impregnation of the filtering paper special pitches considerably improves its performance data. The continuous metal covers protected from corrosion thanks to strong fastenings like maggrip easily are established and served.

In air filters with axial consolidation on a cover there is a rubber sealing ring. It has to be elastic to provide a dense prileganiye to a case cover, has to be pasted by all plane. The design of sealing laying of Fleetguard and their structure provide tightness of each filter throughout all term of its use

Modern air filters are designed by Fleetguard with radial consolidation of Magnum RS. Here the special polyurethane providing the increased consolidation on radial cases is used.

The design of air elements of M filters (Magnum) of Fleetguard provides use 15% more than the filtering material, than in standard options. Under trying conditions works, this additional resource considerably prolongs filter service life that allows to increase an interval between replacement of the filtering element.

When the air filter is subject to replacement? Some consider that the filter needs to be changed once a year, others say that the filter changes through a certain run of the car just as oil and fuel. All this not so. The engine works in different conditions where dust content of air different. If the car is operated on the asphalted roads, there dust content of air is lower, than for operating conditions of the dump truck where dust content of air surpasses all admissible norms, therefore, the air filter needs to be changed more often.

For real improvement of service and for automatic control of operation of the air filter indicators of pollution of the air filter are used. On the majority of equipment such sensors are installed by manufacturers of equipment. The sensor shows when it is necessary to make replacement of the filter. If by car there is no sensor, Fleetguard releases sensors 4 not only for cars, but also for the service centers.

In some models of trucks and buses, and especially in the construction and road equipment working in the conditions of strong dust content of air not one air filter, but two filters, one of which is inserted in another, is used. The internal filter is a "safety" filter. Efficiency of the safety filter makes about 70%. It protects from hit of dirt in the diesel in case of a rupture of the main filter. These cases (a rupture of the air filter) occur quite often when the filter is strongly polluted. The soaking-up power of the diesel has enough to break off the air filter at strong pollution. On the safety filter the harm diesel can reach to the nearest service center without drawing for installation of the main air filter. Frequency of replacement of the safety filter - once on three replacements of the main filter.

In some models of air cases or on filters the krylchatka is established. Filters with the K index where the case of the filter is supplied with internal edges (wings), the air stream in the case is given a turbulence, at the same time the large polluting particles are thrown out, without having reached working material of the filter. The similar design reduces load of the filtering material and promotes increase in service life of the filter at the maximum protection of the engine.

In scale of RS filters of the Fleetguard company it is used self-centering on 360 ° consolidation on internal part of a face cover. These "put-on" elements easily are replaced; they are used on the most different equipment, having replaced older designs of axial consolidation. The RS elements allow to avoid substantially danger of hit of dirt from the filtering element in the air intake when replacing the filter.

Filters of preliminary cleaning Fleetguard Visibowl™ and extremely effective self-cleaning preliminary filters. They can be served, i.e. demand time for service - for removal of the dust which collected in the course of work. Are made by the Fleetguard company as well neobsluzhivayeimy precleaners - Sy-Klone™. Due to centrifugal force large particles of dust are thrown out outside. Efficiency of precleaners of Sy-Klone™ makes from 70 to 90%.

The last innovation in technology of a filtration is production of OptiAir™ of the Fleetguard company.

Fleetguard, entering the patented OptiAir™ technology , made revolution in approach to a design of air systems. The OptiAir™отвечают systems to the key constructive requirements imposed by all manufacturers of the equipment:

The full scale of systems of the air intake provides capacity to 31.15 m ³ / min.

OptiAir™ provides increase in service life of the filter, Reduction of resistance … and all this at the reduced sizes. OptiAir™ considerably surpasses characteristics

competitive air systems also provides:

  • To 50% of increase in service life of the filter
  • To 65% of reduction of initial resistance

Reduction of the sizes of system of the air intake promotes its application in the conditions of limited space under a cowl for an arrangement of the air filter, increase in capacity of the filter leads to increase in intervals of its replacements.

Thanks to optimization of an arrangement cotton velvet of the filtering element in OptiAir™ filters and their depths, increases the effective area of the filtering material in comparison with filters with radial consolidation of a standard design by 30%. The increased effective area of the filtering material stops more than the polluting substances, providing increase of capacity and increase in service life of the filter. Due to the increase in the area of an exit of the filter by 60% filtering the OptiAir™ elements have the increased capacity with the reduced initial resistance. Increase of capacity and reduction of resistance means that the filter can perform work of other filters having at the same time the smaller sizes. The patented cover of Twist Lock has only one lock that is very convenient when the filter is installed in very small space and it is not required to reach to additional locks. The cover has several various provisions of fixing, the case mono to establish as it is horizontal, and vertically. The built-in preliminary air purifier separates up to 80% of particles of dust to the filter that promotes increase in service life of the filter.

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The OptiAir™ 1000,1100 series , and have 1300 direct exits, the OptiAir™ 400-800 series are available with a direct exit or at an angle 90 degrees that if necessary does not demand additional installation of an angular branch pipe by 90 degrees.

Production of the Fleetguard company for a filtration of air is made according to the most tough standards extending to all products Fleetguard. Monitoring system of quality 9000/ISO 9001/TS 16949. By production of each filter the complex of quality checks and individual control before sending from plant is provided. The extra packing provides full integrity of products when transporting from the producer to the consumer.

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