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Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus buy in Almaty
Buy Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus
Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus

Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus

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  • ManufacturerGraco
  • Country of manufactureUnited States

Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus

After in the middle of the 90th years in the market there was a Mark V installation, the Graco company became the recognized leader in production of the equipment used for airless putting plaster. The presented speed of airless dispersion and uniformity of coloring were accepted as the standard for the equipment of this branch.

The multipurpose Graco MARK MAX Contractor installation is intended for carrying out large-scale painting works as inside, and outside of rooms.


  • The built-in coil for QuikReel™ hose in a set with a hose of 30 m. Begin work quicker and finish it earlier, without spending time for tiresome taking-up of a hose.
  • E-Control™, pressure regulator located on the end of a hose. You make adjustment of a spray or stop its work directly on a workplace. High quality of finishing coloring, reduction of a reheat.
  • The ProConnect™ system allows to make fast replacement of the pump and container with material.

The built-in coil for a hose
The possibility of fast taking-up and unwinding of hoses up to 45 meters long allows to carry out process of dispersion in the range of 90 meters without the need for installation movement. Capacity: 90 m (1/4") / 60 m (3/8")

FastFlush™ + the loading valve (for work under trying conditions operation)
The new system of cleaning FastFlush increases the speed of operation of the motor that promotes growth of productivity and acceleration of process of cleaning of the equipment.

Easy Out™ filter
Material comes to the Easy Out filter in the direction from within outside that allows to prevent a contamination or damage to a case of hit of dirt or garbage. Bolshaya Square of the filtering surface promotes reduction of a contamination of a nozzle and increase in quality of finishing finishing. The filter is taken together with a head thanks to what it is possible to reduce the level of pollution of surrounding space.

Wireless device of remote control of pressure level: it is connected directly to a hose and allows to regulate pressure level remotely. Strong, moisture protective, integral design. Range of action - 45 meters.

Pump Endurance™
The highly reliable piston pumps Graco with V-shaped sealants. Existence of the inlet QuickAccess™ valve simplifies process of cleaning and extraction of foreign particles.

TiltBack cart
The design with a rack for a spray allows to carry out replacement of a bucket with ease and to carry out cleaning and maintenance of the pump.

ProConnect™ - system for the fast replacement of the pump which is not demanding additional tools
The ProConnect system is intended for a possibility of fast replacement of the pumps Endurance™. Replacement is carried out for several seconds directly on a workplace and does not demand use of additional tools. Just as for the car. It is necessary to have spare details!

It is included

  • E-Control™, FastFlush™ (except MARK X MAX)
  • Design on the TiltBack™ cart
  • ProConnect™, QuikReel™ with a hose of 30 m
  • Flexible hose, the rotary device for a spray, ceramic balls and balls from stainless steel
  • 2 nozzles, 246215 RAC X HandTite™
  • Adjustable spanner and tool kit
  • TSL™, 0,25 l
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Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus
Airless Graco Mark V Max Contractor high-pressure apparatus
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