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All-welded ball valve YaGT 80MTs.A.00.00. MB buy in Pavlodar
Buy All-welded ball valve YaGT 80MTs.A.00.00. MB
All-welded ball valve YaGT 80MTs.A.00.00. MB

All-welded ball valve YaGT 80MTs.A.00.00. MB

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЯргазарматура

DN, mm 80

PN, 63 - 160 kgf/cm
medium t * - 61° - + 200°
L, mm 270
H, mm 179
B, mm 820
D, mm G3
d, mm 75
Weight no more than 16 kg


Advantages of YAGT ball valves

  • Long service life (able to function without replacement up to 30 years), exceeding the service life of the pipeline.
  • Durability and ease of construction, anti - corrosion resistance.

The YAGT ball valve does not need tightening and lubrication, it withstands high axial pressure and will serve flawlessly for a long time;

  • High limiting temperature regime of the working medium - from - 61°С to + 200°С (short - term).

The temperature stability of the ball valve is at least 180°C. In turn, the temperature resistance of a valve with a rubber seal is only 70°C, and a cone outlet is 80°C.

Despite the fact that the price of these products is lower than for ball valves, their installation and maintenance costs are much higher than those for ball valves. In addition, the difference in price of all these parts is negligible. Thus, steel ball valves are much more economical and reliable.

  • Minimum pipeline load

Small (compared to, for example, gate valves) weight parameters of YAGT ball valves provide a minimum load on the pipeline

  • Differ in high speed of overlapping of a stream of a working environment.

The valve has stoppers for turning the plug, which clearly fix its location relative to the axis of the pipeline in the “open” and “closed” positions. Turning the lever ninety degrees opens or closes the medium flow. In this case, you can visually determine whether the tap is open or closed.

As for other elements of valves, many of them work according to a different principle: in order to open or stop the supply of a substance, more than ten full turns of the flywheel should be performed, as, for example, with valves

  • Maximum tightness (tightness class "A" according to GOST 9544 - 93), which eliminates leaks for a long time.

All YAGT ball valves pass acceptance tests on the stands for tightness with air Risp 0.6 MPa at t + 20 ° C and for strength and density with water with a coefficient of 1.5 to the nominal pressure (РN) (for example, for РN 16.0 MPa - Rpr 24.0 MPa).

Low maintenance costs, YAGT ball valves do not require maintenance.

Due to its robust all - welded body and PTFE seal, the ball valve does not require constant maintenance or replacement of spare parts.

Therefore, when installing steel ball valves, there is no need to buy additional tools, spare parts, or to specially train personnel to work with such fittings. When using YAGT ball valves, there are practically no pressure losses in the pipeline (the hydraulic resistance coefficient is close to unity), which allows saving electricity in the drives of pumping and compressor units.

  • Optimal price - quality ratio.

The price of gate valves, valves, needle valves, cone and plug valves may be slightly lower than the price of a YAGT ball valve, but the installation and maintenance costs are much higher than those for a ball valve, which, combined with the high cost of repairs, allows us to conclude that it is more economically efficient to use ball valve YAGT.

  • Simplicity of design, installation.

The peculiarity of the design of steel ball valves is such that its main part with a plug does not have bolted connectors, due to which leakage of the substance caused by the dynamic load of the pipeline could occur. Ball steel valves YAGT are made of the highest quality metals and alloys.

The main part of the ball valve consists of a central welded spherical part with a plug inside. The spherical part of parts such as steel ball valves has no bolted connectors and has a minimum wall thickness and weight. At the same time, the spherical part can withstand the maximum load and high pressure.

  • the ball valve can be installed in any position, i. e. the flow of the working medium is possible in both directions;
  • increased traumatic safety of the handle;
  • anti - corrosion spraying on the handle and electroplating of the locknut.
  • the full bore of the ball valves allows the passage of cleaning and diagnostic devices through it.

YAGT ball valves have been produced for more than 15 years, during this time the products of Yargazarmatura LLC have proven themselves well in the Russian market.

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All-welded ball valve YaGT 80MTs.A.00.00. MB
All-welded ball valve YaGT 80MTs.A.00.00. MB
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