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Antiseptics for baths and saunas of S200 buy in Almaty
Buy Antiseptics for baths and saunas of S200
Antiseptics for baths and saunas of S200

Antiseptics for baths and saunas of S200

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GOOD-HIM - S 200-highly effective certified antiseptics, whose purpose — protection of internal wooden products and designs of baths and saunas against the wood of organic and climatic aggression destroying structure: decayed, mold mushrooms, drevotochashchy insects and other aggressive organisms, and also differences of temperatures and humidity of air in rooms. Besides, means is characterized by the high bactericidal action which is completely liquidating causative agents of infectious diseases. The preparation is made according to TU 2386-001-42229136-2013.

Properties of solution:
GOOD-HIM - S 200 is the liquid, ready to application, on a water basis which is not changing natural color of wood and its texture, not exerting impact on the physicist - mechanical properties, adhesion of wood to the gluing funds and for colourability. Thanks to an original chemical composition and property deep to get into structure of wood of antiseptics of GOOD-HIM - S 200 effectively protects internal wooden products or designs of baths and saunas from destructions under the influence of biological and climatic factors. Does not clog up wood pores, leaving thereby access of air to its structure and providing free "breath" it. Impregnation by a preparation does not exert impact on quality of further processing of wood. GOOD-HIM - S 200 is fire and explosion-proof. Protective properties of a preparation do not suffer from alternate freezing and thawing.

Recommendations about application:
Works on processing of wooden products and designs as GOOD-HIM antiseptic - S 200 it is preferable to carry out at ambient temperature above +5 °C. For this purpose, from a surface of a product or a design pollution are removed previously (dust, dirt, pitches, paints and so forth) . Before use solution should be shaken up carefully in the canister or to mix. Solution can be applied on the processed surface of wooden products or designs in any available way (the device for spraying, a brush or the roller), watching uniformity of a covering. The normalized quantity of a preparation for processing of the set surface should be distributed on 2-3 receptions, with an interval between processings 25 - 40 minutes. To reach maximum efficiency of protection, it is necessary to use a preparation in number of not less than 150 — 200 grams on square meter of the processed surface. Further wood has to be dried up within 24 hours at the air temperature of 15 - 25 ° C
and humidity about 60%, on condition of protection it from hit of an atmospheric precipitation or moisture. Duration of antiseptic properties of solution in the processed products and designs makes about 12 years and depends on conditions of their operation.

Security measures:
Work with solution should be performed with use of individual means of protection: in special glasses, gloves and a respirator. In case of hit of a preparation on a skin surface or in eyes, they need to be washed out carefully water. According to GOST 12.1.007, GOOD-HIM - S 200 it is carried to danger class substances IV, that is, - to low-dangerous.

GOOD-HIM - S 200 is recommended to be stored in hermetically closed capacities far from foodstuff and to protect from moisture. From the date of production the guaranteed period of storage makes 24 months. Standardly the preparation spreads in plastic canisters with a capacity of 5 liters. At the request of the customer the flood option in its container is possible.

The guaranteed period of storage of 36 months.

Why it is necessary antiseptics for a bath and a sauna

Antiseptics - the acquisition necessary for each owner of a sweating room. At the same time, does not matter of what material your sauna or a bath is constructed, for processing of an interior wood is anyway used.

In the modern world of antiseptics are used everywhere - neither the medicine, nor the food industry, nor production of detergents does without them. Now antiseptics is irreplaceable also in construction.

Antiseptics for a bath: question price.

Antiseptics for a bath and a sauna is the means preventing growth of bacteria and decomposition of organic substance - a tree. And if you look for the best and, at the same time, means, safe for health, for prevention of rotting of wood, you need to buy antiseptics for a bath. The price of this means - is available to everyone, and the advantage received from its application costs each spent kopek.

The sauna and bath are rooms with constantly increased humidity and temperature. The mold, a fungus, decay can grow in such conditions especially quickly, on all surface of wooden designs, to appear various harmful insects. For prevention of such phenomena, pernicious for wood, it is also intended antiseptics for a bath. The price of processing of your sweating room this means is incommensurable to expenditure which will need to be spent for repair of the raw room.

All antiseptics for a tree are inclined to washing away. For extension of validity period antiseptics, it is possible to varnish in addition processed wood on a water basis.

It is better for them to buy antiseptics for a bath and a sauna?

It is necessary to buy antiseptics for a bath of the company Gudkhim for effective protection of your sauna or a bath. Antiseptics is S 200 the certified preparation with high efficiency of action which is intended for protection of internal wooden rooms and designs against the organic and climatic factors destroying structure of a tree - a mold mushroom, insects, decayed also other destroying factors. In addition, the preparation has the excellent bactericidal action which is completely liquidating the various viruses causing infectious diseases.

Solution Gudkhim S 200 is the liquid made on a water basis completely ready to use. Antiseptics does not change natural color and texture of a tree, does not exert impact on its physical and mechanical properties. The original chemical composition and property to get deeply into structure of a tree, do antiseptics capable to effectively protect internal designs of baths and saunas from all destructions.

Antiseptics for saunas and baths of Goodhim has no the corking effect on a tree time thanks to what free access of air in structure of wood remains. Impregnating a tree with a preparation, you do not change quality of its further processing at all. Our means is safe for health. Its protective qualities under the influence of temperatures do not suffer.

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Antiseptics for baths and saunas of S200
Antiseptics for baths and saunas of S200
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