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Arbors and playgrounds

Arbors and playgrounds

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More and more people choose life in country houses. The house is an opportunity to have a rest from city bustle, to be loaded with energy of the nature therefore any landscaping does not do without arbor.


Sale of arbors from natural wood is an activity in which we are engaged not the first year. Ourselves are engaged in construction of arbors, thanks to own production and a wide experience the company offers the clients more than ten ready designs which can be modified according to the customer's wishes. The price of such product will increase not on many, and here your wishes will be completely satisfied. Our experts will quickly develop and will collect an original recreation area by the individual order.


Choice of an arbor

The arbor is simply necessary for giving to a garden or park of a special charm and functionality. Will depend on its model, architectural concept and design as you will have a rest: a barbecue, tea drinking, shelter from a rain, just rest and pleasure landscapes. We recommend to make the choice for wooden arbors as they are environmentally friendly.

Kazakhstan buys wooden arbors for summer holiday more often, however the design all the year round is in a garden therefore it is important to pay attention to quality of a tree, durability of a roof and hinged decorative elements.


Functionality and beauty of wooden arbors

Correctly chosen country house will help you to collect all family or friends at one table on a nature bosom, will cover you from wind and a rain. Our products differ in the elegance and originality of design. Our arbors (a photo to that confirmation) will become the best decision for your garden!


Our company is engaged many years in construction and sale of arbors in Kazakhstan therefore we guarantee you qualitative goods, the optimum prices and expeditious delivery across Kazakhstan.

Call us, and we together will choose that small lodge which will become the real decoration of your site!



Playgrounds with bright design and heroes of favourite animated films

The playground became habitual part of the yards, parks and squares long ago. Playgrounds can be different: one cause a great interest in children, to others they remain indifferent.

To draw attention of the child and to decorate the yard, the playground has to be bright and interesting. Engineers, designers, designers and artists work on design of new playgrounds. Engineers are responsible for safety of designs, designers develop appearance, and artists carry out a list based on fairy tales and animated films. At a playground various elements of the children's gaming equipment usually settle down: hills, swing, roundabouts, ladders, horizontal bars, rukokhoda, Swedish walls, and many other things. All equipment of a playground is a set of elements which promote physical and intellectual development of the child.


Playgrounds, depending on the installed gaming equipment, can be divided into 3 age categories


1. Playgrounds for children till 5 years:

Game complexes (towns) consist of all-weather (metal) hills 550 or 800 mm high, platforms of 850х850 mm, transitions and various game elements which height does not exceed 2000 mm. Playgrounds of this age category perfectly are suitable both for improvement of the yards, and for kindergartens.


2. Playgrounds for children from 5 to 11 years:

Towns for children from 5 to 11 years consist of all-weather hills 800 mm or 1050 mm high, platforms of 850х850 mm or 1060х1060 mm, transitions and various game elements. Playgrounds of this age category are used for improvement of the yards, schools, kindergartens.


3. Playgrounds for children are more senior than 11 years:

Playgrounds (towns) are completed with all-weather mountains 1050, 1300 or 1550 mm high. Sizes of the platform of a tower of 1060х1060 mm. Towns with winter (wooden) hills 2550 mm, 3800 mm, 5050 mm high. Playgrounds of this age category perfectly are suitable for improvement of the yards and schools.



The playground is the territory intended for game of children of different age and the organization of substantial leisure at which elements of the children's street gaming equipment are located. Depending on contents, playgrounds share on: - playgrounds for concrete age group (till 5 years, or from the 5th to 11 years); - universal playgrounds at which elements for children of different age are located.


The most widespread elements of playgrounds:


1. Hills

Are intended for training in rise, a lasagna, to rolling. Promote strengthening of muscular system, a vestibular mechanism and the general physical development of the child.

For different age groups of children hills of different height are provided:


* For the smallest (till 5 years) height of a hill makes from 500 mm to 800 mm;


* For children from 5 to 11 years - from 800 mm to 1050 mm;


* For children 11 years - from 1300 mm to 5050 mm are more senior


2. Swing

Are established at playgrounds, vacation spots etc. A swing happens pendular, balansirny and spring.


3. Sandboxes

Sandboxes are intended for development in children of younger age of small motility of hands and spatial imagination. Various sandboxes and sand court yard will decorate any yard and will add a playground with a game zone for children of younger age.


4. Roundabouts

Develop a vestibular mechanism and are useful to the general physical development of the child.


5. Arbors are children's

Arbors provide a shadow, shelter and the vacation spot at a playground.


Reliability and safety.


All materials of which playground elements are made have to be reliable and durable therefore we pay special attention to quality and safety of our products.


* Wooden parts of products are carried out taking into account operation under trying conditions of an urban environment: use of the seasoned glued wood processed by weatherproof structure; use of multilayered and moisture resistant plywood of the premiums; prepainting preparation and painting by special materials, professional alkidny paints.


* Metal parts of products are carried out taking into account operation in the conditions of an urban environment and protection against traumatism: the main knots are executed from thick-walled pipes by method of welding, the place of rotation - on bearings; other connections - on furniture bolts and self-tapping screws with use of plastic caps of safety; a cloth for congress from hills - the stainless steel favourably different from plastic durability and frost resistance. All metal parts of products pass double high-temperature powder painting that provides resistance of a covering to operation and fine appearance of products.


* For installation of equipment special metal probes and concreting are used that provides stability of products.

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Arbors and playgrounds
Arbors and playgrounds
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