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Automatic calibrators of pressure ELEMER-AKD-12K (And) buy in Almaty
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Automatic calibrators of pressure ELEMER-AKD-12K (And)

Automatic calibrators of pressure ELEMER-AKD-12K (And)

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Automatic calibrators of pressure of ELEMER-AKD-12K and ELEMER-AKD-12K-I are intended for exact reproduction and measurement of pressure, measurement of the unified signals of force and tension of a direct current, testing of conditions of the relay and setup of converters of pressure under the digital HART protocol.

Calibrators of the ELEMER-AKD series are analogs of controllers of pressure of foreign production, are capable to reproduce quickly and precisely the excessive and absolute pressure, pressure depression. AKD-12K-I are equipped with the multipurpose measuring module and applied to the automated checking and calibration of converters of pressure and electrocontact manometers.


  • Checking and calibration of the SI of pressure.
  • Testing of the relay of pressure and EKM.
  • Configuration and service of devices with support of the digital HART protocol.

Functional features

  • Color touch screen.
  • Intuitively clear menu.
  • High-speed system of valves and leveling capacities.
  • 1 or 2 built-in reference modules + barometric sensor.
  • Built-in calibration and measuring module (option).
  • Function of automatic fine tuning of sensors.
  • Function of testing of the relay.
  • Galvanic untied power supply of sensors.
  • Full-function internal software.

Operating modes

Pressure controller - is intended for reproduction and measurement of reference value of pressure. Regulation of pressure is carried out by means of the digital keyboard or step buttons.

Pressure calibrator - is intended for the automated reproduction of pressure, measurement of signals of reference modules and the calibrated SI of pressure, calculation of an error and formation of the protocol of checking. When checking sensors of pressure with the unified output signal the program of the automated pass of a number of points of loading with removal of indications is started. Regulation of pressure when checking arrow manometers and EKM is carried out by means of the digital keyboard, step buttons or % of range.

The HART communicator - is intended for a configuration and control of parameters of sensors of pressure. The mode maintains the expanded list of teams of the HART protocol and allows to arrange the generator of a current loop of the sensor and to make graduation of its sensor.

The service mode - allows to make the test of tightness of pneumatic system and measurement of its volume for optimization of work of system of regulation of pressure.

Main characteristics

  • Ranges of regulation of pressure:
    • 0... 120 kPa - YES -
    • 0... 100 kPa - DI -
    • 0... 6 MPas - DI -
    • - 100... 600 kPa - MIRACLES (0... 600 kPa - YES) -
    • - 0,1... 2,5 MPas - MIRACLES (0... 2,5 MPas — YES).
  • The main given error of measurement of pressure - 0,01% or 0,02% of measurement subrange.
  • 4 universal measuring channels.
  • 8 discrete entrances (test of the relay).
  • External ON for control of devices, data processing, printing and storage of protocols of checking - it is provided free of charge.
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Automatic calibrators of pressure ELEMER-AKD-12K (And)
Automatic calibrators of pressure ELEMER-AKD-12K (And)
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