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Systems of automatic watering (autowatering) are a unique invention for convenient and competent watering of plants. They are intended for complex watering of any plants at any time. "Clever" systems of automatic watering are arranged so that plants as a result receive so much drink how many for them it is necessary - neither more, nor it is less.
As the automatic system of watering is installed permanently, developers took care of its esthetic party as this party - one of defining in landscaping.
Not to spoil appearance of beautifully planted plants, hills and footpaths technical means of watering system, developers made so that all its pipeline and elements pumping water to plants pass underground. Only the small programmator and the block of distribution of water are on a surface. The block and a programmator can be installed indoors.

The system of autowatering is installed once for the rest of life. It can be underground in any weather, even severe winters to it are not terrible.


Automatic watering is a convenient, prestigious and modern way of the solution of problems of care of a garden. Thanks to the automatic water sprinkler the rain will go then, when necessary, to the most suitable time, and even in the most hidden corners of your garden. By means of the small microprocessor the automatic system allows to regulate all cycles of watering according to your desire, for example, to establish a necessary consumption rate of water, time and duration of watering. It will help to protect your garden, to competently dose an amount of water for plants and will save your free time.

Watering heads are hidden in the earth and rise by a surface only during watering. They do not disturb a hairstyle of a lawn and you about them will never stumble. Pipes keep within at a depth of 30-40 centimeters therefore the system of automatic watering will not spoil a landscape of your estate. The built-in water sockets (hydrants) allow to use watering hoses for manual watering, to connect minisinks, to fill artificial reservoirs and fountains.

The automatic system of watering (autowatering) itself will support ideal conditions for your plants, will save water and will relieve of excess efforts.

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