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Balcony warm (double warming) order in Almaty
Order Balcony warm (double warming)
Balcony warm (double warming)

Balcony warm (double warming)

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Warming of a parapet, walls and ceiling or accession of a loggia to the apartment

Heatlosses are influenced by such factors as:

  • Part of the world to which there is a balcony (on the South or on the North);
  • Whether adjacent balconies are glazed (at the left, on the right, from below, from above);
  • Panel or brick house;
  • Heating radiators and ventilation.

Complexity of warming of a balcony

  • When warming a balcony or loggia it is simple to glaze them not enough, it is necessary also to warm all design:
  • To lay a heater on all perimeter of a balcony, and also on a floor and a ceiling;
  • To make a waterproofing;
  • To execute a covering of walls and a ceiling suitable (to taste and opportunities) material;
  • Additional walls (for example, from foam concrete or an "easy" brick). They "will eat" part of space, but will become indoors much warmer.
  • The wrong warming of the attached loggia brings to the building and neighbors more harm, than advantage. Water vapor from the apartment gets through thickness of the protecting designs and at bad thermal insulation begins to be condensed on surfaces of overlappings of the next cold loggias in the winter. The recipe of rescue is simple: from the warmed loggia it is necessary to put reliable thermal insulation. And only the correct warming will lead to the Cozy atmosphere on your loggia.

    For competent warming and accession of a loggia to the apartment we establish double warming, this is Penofol and Penopleks.

    Receiving a warm loggia requires use of an estrudirovanny penopleks, at least, 40 mm thick. Penopleks is established by the first layer to a concrete wall and to fasten by means of plastic "mushrooms". All seams and adjunctions are processed by polyurethane foam. Over Penopleks, is established by the second layer penofol, a foil in the room. At Penofol's installation it is important to avoid an overlap, installation in a joint – the most suitable option. For full thermal insulation it is necessary to glue all joints an aluminum adhesive tape. In order to avoid formation of bridges of cold not to join Penofol in junctions of the protecting designs (a wall floor, a wall ceiling, corners).

    Main properties of heat-insulating plates of PENOPLEKS:

    • low heat conductivity
    • lack of water absorption
    • low vapor permeability
    • high durability on compression
    • resistance to burning
    • it is not subject to biological decomposition
    • ecological purity
    • simplicity and convenience of application
    • durability
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Balcony warm (double warming)
Balcony warm (double warming)
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