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Barbed wire the Fidget, AKL, ASKL, SBB, Bruno's spiral, Kontsertina - as soon as do not call this obstacle of volume type today.
Volume obstacles - the designs executed in the form of the reeled-up on a drum, certain diameter, ZAKL rounds (or a barbed wire). Rounds are fastened by in pairs special brackets in the order determined by design documentation owing to what the obstacle becomes volume and takes a spiral form.
Set of names, in fact, of the same product, sometimes, nonplus not only ordinary managers, but also many specialists of security structures. Some confusion is added also that each producer turns out similar products under the name and designation what has full authority to. However, all know that the rights without duties do not happen. Names, designations - their strict compliance to the technical characteristics determined by the producer, and it too its right - have to be surely enshrined in the corresponding documentation - at least TU (Specifications) - excluding free interpretation of concepts, technical characteristics of this or that product.
The Specifications today operating, registered in Gosstandart (Derzhspozhivstandart) are the most important and only document in Ukraine according to which prickly and tape obstacles, i.e. a barbed wire the Fidget, AKL, ASKL, SBB, Bruno, Kontsertin's spiral are made. In THAT methods of quality control of any, above-mentioned, the product released by the producer are defined.
LLC KAYMAN lets out volume obstacles of two executions: Alligator.
"An alligator - an obstacle at production of which the special bracket of rectangular section and the steel core by diameter not less 2,65mm" a product Symbol is applied at the order and in technical documentation:
Alligator 950/7-2,65 where:
Alligator - an obstacle at production of which the special bracket is applied
rectangular section and steel core diameter not less 2,65mm;
950 - diameter of a spiral, mm;
7 - number of connections (kleshchevka);
2,65 - diameter of the steel core, mm;
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Barbed wire Fidge
Barbed wire Fidge
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