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BDFP harrow disk hook-on 2,4-7m

BDFP harrow disk hook-on 2,4-7m

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Harrow disk with a frontal arrangement of working bodies (hook-on)

The harrow is intended for continuous and preseeding processing of soils of various mechanical structure under commercial, grain and forage crops and with crushing and seal to the soil of the vegetable remains (refreshing of zadernely meadows) in various agrotechnical schemes. Adjustable depth of processing makes from about 8 to 18 cm.

The harrow is made as hinged BDF (working width from 1,8 to 2,8 meters), and hook-on BDFP (working width from 2,4 to 7,0 meter). In both cases the harrow is completed with lamellar cylindrical skating rinks with a diameter of O 400, and harrows with the gidrofitsirovanny mechanism of raising of wings (capture width from 5,5 meters and above) are completed with a set of the bars allowing to establish a complete set from two skating rinks with a diameter of O 400 and O255 of mm. or from three line spring zubovoy a harrow and a skating rink of O255 of mm.

The harrow contains two rows of disks, each of which is located on an individual rack which fastens to a bar two G-shaped brackets (diameter of 20 mm.). This design excludes clogging of interdisk space. The harrow can be operated in all soil and climatic zones where humidity of the soil does not pryveshat 27 percent and with a hardness of soil no more than 3,5 MPas, and operation of this harrow in areas with considerable stony inclusions is also not recommended. Due to use in a design of individual racks the frontal harrow can be used at high working speeds - to 14 km/h.

In difference from similar harrows of other producers of a design of this harrow disks a camomile (cut spherical) with a diameter of O 650 mm, 6 mm thick, made of brand 65G steel are used. During production disks are thermally processed that provides hardness 38-46 HRC.

Disks are established on naves which vrashchtsya around an axis on roller bearing knots at an angle of attack 21 degrees and a vertical inclination 21 degrees (the design is patented by Agrotekhkomplekt private enterprise).

The metal boot which is established on an axis at assembly blocks a nave, forming a protective design which is supplemented with a cuff with an epiploon inside and a boot outside. The knot is very well pressurized from external environment at the expense of this design.

The fixing and regulating nut of the bearing of a nave is closed by a flange with a cap which carries out two functions:

- sealing of a nave

- fixing of working body (disk BDF) on a nave.

Chistik two bolts with square head restraints fastens to an arm with two grooves which is in turn welded on a rack and during the work of a harrow clears working body (disk BDF a camomile) of sticking of the soil, winding of plants, cloggings of the pozhnivny remains, and also directs a soil stream aside splitting up and wrapping it.

Back skating rinks of a harrow provide performance of two functions:

- split up the soil

- condenses and levels a surface

Except above the mentioned functions by means of a skating rink for hinged harrows depth of processing of the soil which varies as from 8 to 18 cm are stated above is exposed.

Necessary depth of loosening and the stable course of the unit a harrow tractor is provided talrepy (the screw mechanism with the right and left carving) which provides adjustment vertical the provision of a skating rink.

The harrow is aggregated with the tractors with power from 40 equipped with a hydraulic system (for a hinged harrow of BDF-1,8) to 320 (for a hook-on harrow of BDFP-7,0) horsepowers depending on width of capture of the tool.

Type Hook-on
Working speed 8-12 km/h
Soil processing depth 8-18 cm.
Height 1400 cm.
Transport speed, is no more 20 km/h
The road gleam, is not less 300 mm
Transfer to transport and working provisions Gidrofitsirovanny wheel, the mechanism of transportation disk harrow, connection with a tractor hydraulic system

Efficiency and the required tractor power depending on width of capture of a harrow.

M harrow width. H.p. Tractor power. Efficiency of Hectare/h.
2,4 80 1,9
2,8 100 2,2
3,1 130 2,5
3,5 160 2,8
3,8 180 3,1
4,2 200 3,4
5,5 200-300 4,4
6,3 250-270 5,1
7,0 280-320 5,6
  • Working width: 2,4-7,0 m
  • Productivity: 1,9-5,6 Hectares/h
  • Weight: 2,4-7,1 t
  • Necessary power of a tractor: 80-320 h.p.
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BDFP harrow disk hook-on 2,4-7m
BDFP harrow disk hook-on 2,4-7m
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