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Biomineral complex Healthy joints buy in Astana

Biomineral complex Healthy joints

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Release form: 60 capsules

Overcoolings, infectious diseases (complications after quinsies, flu), inflammatory processes, intoxications are the external reasons of diseases of joints.

However, it is necessary to remember that our organism becomes vulnerable for these factors at decrease in the general immunity, and it is connected with shortage of silicon - the main construction material of connecting fabric, a basis of cartilages, sinews, sheaves.

Therefore, except the components which are responsible for anti - inflammatory, solevyvodyashchy, febrifugal functions at the program of prevention and treatment of diseases of joints there has to be surely a clay - as a source of silicon and as the sorbent removing toxins, formed at inflammatory processes both provocative local intoxications and pain accompanying them, hypostases and so on.

So, a basis, "construction material" in "Healthy joints" of course, is blue cambrian clay, and other components:

- Bark of a white willow, natural antibiotic, this the best natural febrifugal and resolvent. Contained in willow bark salitsizin - a prototype all of the known acetilsalicylic acid - "aspirin". But, in difference from the synthetic analog, it is not toxic for blood and the haematogenic bodies, does not irritate mucous a stomach. (In a word, there is no doctor better, than the nature, and attempts of the person to create at least something similar look pathetic on its background! );

- The leaf of cowberry, a horsetail - a complex of natural diuretic, solevyvodyashchy and antiedematous means, improves a metabolism, disinfects, improves composition of blood;

- The root of a burdock is very effective as the haematogenic, krovoochistitelny, antineoplastic and wound healing means, well normalizes composition of blood, growth of malignant tumors oppresses, it is effective at arthritises and arthroses, articulate rheumatism and gout, also improves exchange processes in an organism and works as resolvent at catarrhal diseases;

- Pumpkin contains vitamins C, B1, B2, nicotinic acid, carotene, diuretichesky and poslablyayushchy means has antivermicular properties. Improves motor function of intestines, it is effective at locks, colitis, strengthens a diuresis and release of salts from an organism. Pumpkin is recommended to the people who had Botkin's disease.

What occurs at reception of "Healthy joints"?

The complex of biologically active agents of herbs removes inflammatory processes, removes salts, disinfects.

Blue cambrian clay brings toxins out of the struck fabrics, delivers bio - silicon for connecting fabrics, restores cartilaginous structure, intensifies process of a kosteobrazovaniye.

"Healthy joints" - one of the best natural medicines for restoration of joints!

If you know, silicon is removed every day from our organism together with natural waste products, and its losses increase together with our age therefore also its consumption has to be regular and increase in the course of aging of an organism.

The two - month course and break in 1 - 2 months, depending on the state of health and age is recommended.

What you will accept more regularly production with clay, especially you will become impregnable for many types of diseases. The way, is how simple, so and is effective.

Indications to application:

- at gout;

- at rheumatism;

- at polyarthritis;

- at an urolithic disease;

- at fractures of bones, gaps and sprains and sinews.

Accelerates process of a kosteobrazovaniye and restoration of connecting fabric! Let's notice that in places of changes concentration of silicon increases by 50 times! And this phenomenon proceeds all rehabilitation period.

Method of application:

- for prevention: to adults and children 12 years on 2 capsules 3 times a day, in 30 minutes prior to food are more senior;

- in need of treatment (articulate rheumatism, arthritis, joint pains) the dose can be increased till 9 - 12 capsules in day.

Conditions storage: in the dry, protected from light place at the room temperature.

Is not medicine

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