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Bios control

Installation and control of the Windows operating system for the inexperienced user — not a simple task. At emergence of problems with an operating system you should address the computer expert as own intervention can lead to irreversible process and loss of data.

How installation and control of an operating system, what reasons of failures and incorrect work of Windows is carried out?

The reasons of failure in operation of the computer can be different: constantly system mistake jumps out and the computer freezes up, jumps out the blue screen, or your system teems with viruses and malicious applications about which you do not even suspect, can independently be rebooted and switched off. To the aid of you I will arrive, the computer master, I will carry out complex diagnostics of the computer and I will find out results of consequences of diseases of your computer.

The most popular method of treatment of the computer for all diseases is a saving data of your computer and reinstallation and setup of the computer from scratch. This method allows to eliminate all extended infection on your computer as at reinstallation of the Windows operating system the hard drive is formatted, both all harmful viruses and system mistakes are destroyed at the roots. But there are also minuses of this treatment as also information if not to keep it in the right place and in the separate section of a disk, is destroyed too. Many companies at assembly of computers do not break the hard drive into sections, and leave by default the uniform partition into all hard drive the called disk (C). In this situation each competent computer master, has to have at himself the good volume removable carrier where he both will transfer and will keep all your data.

If business reached the forced reinstallation of Windows, then I will tell you one, as oil to replace it in the car engine motor. Agree it will become worse from it to the car not but only it is better, also and to your computer. You will feel a difference in operation of the computer at once, everything will earn quickly as when earlier, by and large for good correct work of an operating system it has to be updated annually, reinstallation and the Windows control.

The second method of treatment of an operating system is complex diagnostics of the Windows operating system, identification of the reasons of incorrect work, removal of malicious applications and recovery of the damaged files of system. Minus one and big, huge expense of time and not the fact that the computer after such prevention will begin to work better therefore I persistently recommend to all, the first method of treatment at emergence of the listed problems of failure in work of the Windows system.
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Bios control
Bios control
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