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Bitumo-shchebneraspredelitel of DS-180 buy in Astana
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Bitumo-shchebneraspredelitel of DS-180

Bitumo-shchebneraspredelitel of DS-180

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Bitumoshchebneraspredelitel is intended to DS - 180 for pouring of bitumen, uniform single - layer distribution of crushed stone on surface of road surfacing and its rolling at construction and repair of road surfacings.

DS - 180 combines distribution of the knitting bitumen (or emulsions) and crushed stone, providing the minimum gap in time between drawing layer of cementing agent and layer of crushed stone. Rolling of crushed stone and its fixing are provided with rollers with adjustable loading.
DS - 180 represents the road train as a part of the KAMAZ - 54115 tractor and the semi - trailer on which frame the equipment set is established: the bituminous tank, bitumoprovod with distribution comb and the bituminous pump, the bunker -
crushed stone store, shchebneraspredelitel, crushed stone sealant,
loading mechanism, working site of the operator.
Bitumoprovod with distribution comb and the bituminous pump creates pressure and distributes bitumen flow.
Working pressure is created by the cog bituminous wheel pump. Uniform pouring of bitumen on the processed site is provided with distribution comb of circulating type. Warming up of distribution comb — circulation
hot bitumen from the bituminous pump. Cleaning of communication of the remains of bitumen is carried out by system of washing (flushing liquid — diesel fuel). Capacity of tank is 45 l.
The store of crushed stone accepts and accumulates crushed stone and consists of the bunker store and the lower bunker.
The bunker store is installed on semi - trailer frame. On the lower bunker the gate doser, for reduction of pressure of crushed stone by rotor of shchebneraspredelitel is located.
Shchebneraspredelitel of rotor type carries out uniform single - layer distribution of crushed stone on surface of road surfacing. The sealant of crushed stone carries out rolling of the distributed crushed stone on roadbed. Rolling width
2,5 m. Operating part of rolling — installation from three rollers on the general traverse. Installation of rollers into position and their loading are carried out by the loading mechanism allowing to change the specific pressure of rollers upon roadbed.
The loading mechanism (loader with flat - belt conveyor and charging bin) accepts crushed stone from the dump truck and loads into the bunker store. Crushed stone from charging bin is overloaded with two conveyor tapes in the bunker store. Drive of all units hydraulic. Management of operating parts — remote, electrohydraulic, from workplace of the operator.

System of distribution of bitumen:

Tank termoizolirovana fiber glass
50 mm thick it is also revetted with steel sheet
Capacity of the tank, l 4000
Way of filling of the tank in bulk through
mouth or own pump
Giving of the bituminous pump, dm3 / about 1,4
Heating of bitumen in the tank stationary torch
Fuel usage torch, in l/h 10
Fuel supply to torch compressed air
Bitumen warming up speed in the tank, °C/h 15
Temperature of heating of bitumen in the tank, °C 80 - 200
Bitumen temperature reduction in the tank for hour, % 4
Bitumen distribution width comb, in m 2,66
Specific consumption of bitumen, l/m3 0,3 - 2,5
Bituminous pump gear
Rated pump delivery, l / about 1,4

System of distribution of crushed stone:

Capacity of the bunker of the store, m3 (kg) 7 (10000)
Aggregate spreader rotor
Crushed stone distribution width
(fractions of 5 - 15 mm), m
Specific consumption of crushed stone, kg/sq. m 7 - 30
Overall dimensions of bitumoshchebneraspredelitel, mm:
(length × width × height) 14190×2500×3865
Total weight of the road train, kg no more than 34400
Speed, km/h:
worker 4 - 13
transport no more than 50
Basic tractor:
Model KAMAZ - 54115
Model 740.31 (Euro - 3)
Type diesel with turbo - supercharging
The maximum power, hp (kW), at 2200 RPM 240 (176)
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Bitumo-shchebneraspredelitel of DS-180
Bitumo-shchebneraspredelitel of DS-180
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