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Border road 780*300*150

Border road 780*300*150

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Technical characteristics
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Road borders are the some kind of "limiters" manufactured of solid material and having the standard sizes and the forms. They can differentiate the sidewalk and the carriageway from each other. Besides, they act in qualities of "emphasis" for the laid tile and asphalt. In parks, gardens and squares they play not only a technical role, but also become a landscaping element.

Types and characteristics

Road borders can be made of various materials therefore are presented by different types:

Reinforced concrete. In the course of their production concrete of small granularity and steel fittings are used that does these borders not afraid of moisture and differences of temperatures, resistant to various influences;

Vibropressed. Thanks to durability and durability best of all are suitable for use in the city;

Granite. These are borders the most reliable. They are not used up over time and can maintain very big fluctuations of temperature, however their prime cost is the highest.

Road borders are subdivided also depending on the appointment. The combined concrete border is the most demanded and is used to separate the carriageway from the sidewalk in the cities. The main border with an inclined profile is applied outside settlements. The border having a slanted profile is necessary in those places where transport will come around on the sidewalk.

At dachas and garden sites often there is a need of autographic installation of a road border. To carry out this task, at the initial stage it is necessary to prepare a surface in the place of laying of a border. The rope and pegs will help to make it. The rope should be pulled on the line and along it to dig out a trench depth slightly more curb, and 30 - 40 cm wide.

After that the bottom of a trench needs to be stamped, filled up with crushed stone and again to make tamper. Further concrete solution which an even layer is stacked on a trench bottom then the border is established prepares. The rubber hammer will help to adjust depth of landing and an arrangement of a border. The remained cracks put the remained solution.

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Border road 780*300*150
Border road 780*300*150
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