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Brother nv 1e sewing embroidery machine

Brother nv 1e sewing embroidery machine

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Brother nv 1e sewing embroidery machine

BROTHER Innov-is I e sewing embroidery machine

At the beginning of 2012 the sewing market is entered by the new innovative Innov-is Ie sewing embroidery machine from the Brother company to which her predecessor – Innov-is I will politely concede the 1st place.

New "e" a format is a number of innovations which will make your creativity even more creative, fascinating and various. The car includes some of the most unique features which did not allocate before any sewing machine.

• The ASV LCD screen with high resolution
• Intellectual innovEye system
• Revolutionary system of lighting
• The biggest working space
• The tablet for creativity


If to reject aside beautiful words and advertizing phrases, then nothing will change, the car is really filled with innovations and fresh decisions.

Let's begin with innovEye, I call it the Innovative Look though an Eye approaches more. Speaking to simple words, it is the system allowing to define location of separate objects and stitches and to precisely position an embroidery. If you are not familiar with a machine embroidery, then perhaps my words will seem to you unclear. Let's try to take them on trust and at the choice to the embroidery machine to remember, chtotolko Innov’is Ie will allow you to combine precisely an embroidery in a tambour and to join designs.

Having decided to track development of embroidery equipment you pay attention that in the course of evolution not only the size of a tambour, but also the monitor increased. From the small green window transferring only information on the loaded design and quantity of stitches, the Brother company smoothly approached the full-color display with a wide range.

The ASV HD LCD display from the Sharp company of 21,6 cm in size on diagonal has potential to tell more, than 16,7 million shades of flowers, is allocated with wide viewing angle in 176 degrees which allows to see colors without any shift from what party you would not approach the car.


Remarkable system of selection of flowers. I will explain as it works. Knowledge of the theory of color is available on the Internet, many of you studied it, got acquainted with such concepts as a color circle, polar couples, a trekhtsvetiya, a gradient, etc. All listed knowledge allows to pick up competently colors for the specific project. But the theory is one, and here selection of threads for design of an embroidery in practice absolutely another. Try to take design and to spread out it in the flowers using gradient transition. I assure many to face a problem.

 The Colour Shuffling function by means of the built-in algorithms based on models of the theory of color automatically will pick up a necessary color apportion for your design.

And reduction of time spent for this work nothing in comparison with the fact that as a result you receive the beautiful design constructed by rules of selection of color.


One more unique opportunity! Today any embroidery machine will not give you the chance without additional software to create design of a machine embroidery and to realize it. With Brother Innov-is Ie impossible becomes possible. If you the artist you can only wish realization conceived if your abilities in drawing are not so significant, take ready drawings and remember as in the childhood you were learned to lead round on a contour. Yes, besides the digital embroidered signature now not a problem.

Before I finish, I will pay your attention to one more feature. There are various decorative threads which do not pass through a needle ear. To the Innov-is Ie car there is an extra — a special shpulny capsule on which there is a winding of threads, tapes and other decorative cords. In this case you receive imitation of an embroidery in prikrep. I believe, work with the spool is possible both in the embroidery mode, and in the sewing mode.

Big field of an embroidery 300kh200sm

Independent winding of the lower thread

Volume light over working area

Automatic gas station of a thread

ICAPS — system of determination of thickness of fabric when sewing
with automatic adjustment of pressure of a pad

Big screen

3 USB ports

Big LSD monitor

The spool for a decorative thread

Knee lever of raising of a pad


The tablet for creation of designs and built in ON

Colour Shuffling function (intellectual selection of color)

Seven-gear conveyor (rack advance)

Print & Stitch function (combination of an embroidery and press)

Scanning by means of the innovEye camera

                                                                                                             ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE MAIN PACKAGE OF THE CAR.

If you want to get this model of the sewing machine, and it is not in a warehouse now, you can leave us the pre-order. Contact our phone managers. Will report to you about the planned receipt terms in sale of the model interesting you and will accept your application.



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Brother nv 1e sewing embroidery machine
Brother nv 1e sewing embroidery machine
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