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Brother NV-4000 sewing embroidery machine

Brother NV-4000 sewing embroidery machine

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Brother NV-4000 sewing embroidery machine


The Brother Innov '-is NV-4000 sewing embroidery machine surpasses all expectations - for it there are no restrictions both in sewing, and in an embroidery! 
Thanks to big area of embroidery by Innov-is 4000 car it is possible to create complex compositions of the bigger size. Big and difficult embroideries can be embroidered without change of a tambour. The Innov-is 4000 car is delivered with hundreds of the built-in drawings for embroidery and styles of fonts for monograms. It was so simple to create and embroider drawing never. To create original and unique drawing, rather just to choose the pleasant drawings and to unite them in one composition. 
The big touch display of high resolution allows to edit drawings for an embroidery directly on the display screen. The contrast display of high resolution with a wide range of the review allows to receive the preliminary image of the created composition easily. It is possible to edit drawing directly from the touch screen. The wide set of functions of editing allows to create mirror displays of drawing, to turn, increase and reduce drawings, to change an interval between letters and many other things. 
The Innov-is 4000 car has high speed that allows to create big and difficult drawings for a short period. By means of the convenient mechanism of fastening it is possible to remove and establish quickly a tambour, and automatic cutting of the top and lower thread with a niteotvodchik upon transitions from one color to another saves to you time. 
By means of the built-in tables of Brother colors of color on your composition are noted by numbers corresponding to numbers of coils that simplifies the choice of threads. In addition to tables of flowers of threads of Brother the Innov-is 4000 car distinguishes threads of five main brands. When for embroidery it is required to use a thread of a certain color, it is enough to choose the name of brand of a thread in a dialog box on the screen — and the corresponding color of a thread will be displayed. 
In detail about sewing by Innov-is 4000 car: 
Very high speed of sewing together with a wide and flat surface create magnificent conditions for fast and effective sewing. In the car the broadest choice of lines which is consisting of more than 1200 main and decorative lines, including 16 types of loops and 3 fonts for embroidery is offered. In the menu of the car there is a wide choice of the decorative lines which are ideally suited for dressing of a house interior and clothes, a vystegivaniye, etc. The My Lines function which allows to create directly on the LCD display original lines in that style which is pleasant to you gives new degree of freedom of creativity. 
By means of the switch of level of height of a clamping pad it is possible to choose one of three levels of height of a clamping pad and to work with any material irrespective of its thickness. The system of an automatic tension of a thread determines thickness of material and instantly adjusts an optimum tension of a thread. At an optimum tension of a thread you receive as a result a qualitative line. For work with big products (such as plaids and covers) it is possible to carry out rise and lowering of a clamping pad the knee lever - thanks to it your hands will remain free! Well and, at last, when sewing by car it is not obligatory to disconnect the embroidery block - continue to sew, without wasting time!

• Speed of sewing and embroidery to 1000 stitches a minute 
• 282 built-in drawings of embroidery 
• 306 decorative, 115 main lines and 3 fonts of two sizes 
• Area of embroidery 300 x 180 mm 
• A platform of the increased size 
• Completely automatic system of gas station of a thread (pressing of one button) 
• The device for automatic cutting of a thread 
• Horizontal shuttle 
• Automatic winding of a bobbin 
• Color touch LCD display 
• 7-segment lath conveyor 
• "A free sleeve" 
• Kolenopodjemnik 
• USB port for connection to the computer 
• USB port for connection of the USB stick 
• USB port for reading the embroidery Brother cards 
Standard complete set: 
Pad for a vymetyvaniye of loops 
Pad for embroidery 
Pad for krayeobmetochny works 
Pad for a vystrachivaniye of monograms 
Pad for a vshivaniye of "lightning" 
Pad for a line a zigzag 
Pad for a secret line 
Pad for sewing of buttons 
The walking pad 
Pad with a lateral cutting torch 
Pad for a vystegivaniye with free supply of material 
Vsparyvatel for loops 
Bobbins (10 pieces) 
Set of needles 
Double needle 
Tailor's piece of chalk 
Brush for cleaning 
Screw-driver big and small 
Coil limiter small, average, big 
Vertical core for installation of the coil 
Lining under the coil 
Disk-shaped screw-driver 
Grid for the coil 
Pyaltsa 20 x 60 mm 
Pyaltsa 100 x 100 mm 
Pyaltsa 180 x 130 mm 
Pyaltsa 300 x 180 mm 
Foot pedal 
Cover of a needle plate for embroidery 
Set of sheets with a coordinate grid 
Feather for pressing of buttons on the touch screen 
USB cable Shpulny cap 
Needle plate for sewing by a direct line 
Cover of the shuttle device with a napravitel for a frame thread (with one opening) 
The lower thread for embroidery 
The stabilizing material 
Operation manual 
Short reference book 
Case for carrying of the embroidery module 
Rigid cover










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Brother NV-4000 sewing embroidery machine
Brother NV-4000 sewing embroidery machine
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