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Brother NV-5000 laura ashley sewing embroidery machine buy in Almaty
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Brother NV-5000 laura ashley sewing embroidery machine

Brother NV-5000 laura ashley sewing embroidery machine

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBrother
  • Country of manufactureTaiwan

Brother NV-5000 laura ashley sewing embroidery machine

Unlimited creativity and inspiration with Laura Ashley Innov-is 5000! Create a beautiful embroidery, fashionable things, design of a house interior and quilting projects together with Laura Ahley Innov-is 5000 car which has the wide range of the built-in lines and designs of the embroideries which are exclusively developed by the Laura Ashley brand. The touch screen with strong design, functions of editing and the built-in assistants who are clear and user-friendly your ideas in reality quickly and with little effort will help you to embody color LCD, receiving professional results.


· Speed to 1000 stitches a minute of 366 built-in drawings of embroidery + 50 it is exclusive from the Laura Ashley brand

· More, than 1200 built-in lines

· Area of embroidery 300 x 180 mm

· A platform of the increased size

· Completely automatic system of gas station (pressing of one button)

· The device for automatic cutting of a thread

· Top and lower sensors of a thread

· The ICAPS sensor (Innov-is Continuous Automatic Pressure System) continuously controls material thickness

· Function of embroidery of borders

· Function of a basting

· Horizontal shuttle

· Automatic winding of a bobbin

· Color touch LCD display

· 7-segment lath conveyor

· "A free sleeve"

· Kolenopodjemnik

· USB port for connection to the computer

· 3 pads for stitches with free supply of material in a set

· The device for sewing around and the special device for embroidery by decorative threads and tapes in a set

Technical characteristics

More than 1200 built-in lines - Exclusively wide choice for each type of works.
118 main lines, including direct lines, lines "zigzag", scalloped lines, lines-merezhki, lines for an obmetyvaniye of cuts, a secret podshivaniye, clips, sewings of buttons, tapes, applications, a nametyvaniye, ornament assemblies or puffs, a petchvorka, stitches - the Possibility of the choice of the correct line for each type of works.
15 types of loops for an automatic vymetyvaniye and 1 look for an obmetyvaniye of loops in four stages - by means of a special pad for a vymetyvaniye of loops can be chosen a loop suitable for this product.
3 styles of fonts for monograms - Use of various styles of registration of letters during creation of stripes and monograms.
565 decorative lines - the Finished products will look more professionally when using decorative lines. Any decorative lines can be combined to receive an original exclusive line. Mirror display of any decorative line down and across.
The material feeder in several directions - an Opportunity to sew a direct line in 8 directions and a line "zigzag" in 4 directions without material turn. It is especially convenient at a stitch of big products and during the work in remote areas.
Automatic raising of a clamping pad - it is possible to Lift or lower a clamping pad pressing of one button.
 Regulation of level of height of a clamping pad - It is possible to work with any material irrespective of its thickness.
 It is possible to import or export files by means of one of the built-in USB ports. All known carriers of memory can be used directly with your personal computer or the laptop. Unlimited memory size.
Completely automatic system of gas station of a thread - Gas station of a thread in a needle is made automatically by one pressing of the button.
The programmable switch of speed - an Opportunity to program speed for change of width of a line. It is ideally suited for creation of original satin lines and lines "zigzag" when sewing.
Control of pressure of a clamping pad - the Possibility of adjustment of pressure of a clamping pad during the work with delicate fabrics.
Several fluorescent lamps for illumination of working area - Lighting of the working area for simplification of work with dark materials.
My Lines function - Creation or copying of an original line and its preservation in memory; thus it is possible to increase number of the lines which are available in the car.
High speed of sewing – 1000 stitches a minute - Now it is possible to perform work much quicker.
The big color touch screen with the control panel (212 mm x 80 mm) - the Simple touch to the touch screen can be chosen drawings for embroidery and a line, to use functions to edit or check the built-in reference or the training videos. It is possible even to see before work how color and texture of an embroidery will look.
Preservation in memory of parameters of separate lines - Preservation of changes and settings of the built-in lines for the subsequent use (5 cells of memory for each line).
The possibility of winding of a bobbin in operating time allows to perform work quicker.
The big platform - is ideally suited for sewing for stitches and facilitates work with bulky products. The convenient switch for lowering of combs of the conveyor at embroidery and a stitch with free supply of material.
Kolenopodjemnik - Automatically raises a clamping pad and by that leaves hands free for work with material. Thanks to ease of its installation, the operating mode can be changed in a flash.
Cutting of a thread after the end of operation and upon transition from one area of embroidery to another - Any more it is not necessary to cut off manually a thread on transitions from one area of embroidery to another – the car automatically cuts off a thread and continues work.
Pyaltsa for embroidery with the convenient mechanism of fastening - an Opportunity to quickly establish and remove a tambour.
416 built-in drawings for embroidery, including 128 usual drawings, 43 lacy drawings, 110 drawings for embroidery of a border, 28 drawings for an embroidery a cross, 57 fonts with a flower ornament and 50 drawings from Laura Ashley - the Possibility of the choice of drawings and their combination with lines for creation of original composition.
10 styles of registration of a framework with 12 styles of lines - the Possibility of addition of a frame after creation of composition.
17 fonts for embroidery of monograms - the Possibility of addition of inscriptions for creation of original drawing. Settings of all letters can be configured to receive the text of the necessary size and a format.
The built-in function of embroidery of borders - Fast and simple creation of beautiful borders by means of the built-in function of creation of borders.
Turn of drawing - the Possibility of turn of any drawing with a step to 1 degree. It significantly simplifies editing and positioning of drawings.
Big area of embroidery of 300 mm x 180 mm - the Possibility of creation of big compositions. It does more flexible creation of drawings for embroidery, and embroideries become more effective. For example, it is possible to embroider easily a pattern on a jacket back without perezapyalivaniye.
Function of resumption of work - If in operating time there was a shutdown of power supply, the car will continue work precisely from that place on which work was interrupted.
Display of total number of stitches in compositions and numbers of the executed stitches - Display of number of stitches allows to resume sewing from any place.
Cross hairs and the directing lines - It is possible to customize the display on the screen of crossings or guides of lines. It significantly simplifies alignment and positioning of drawings.
The mouse who is adjusted by USB - it is possible to Work at the LCD screen by means of mouse USB.
Compatibility with USB devices - the Possibility of work with various devices of memory.
Sewing of decorative lines in the embroidery mode - the Possibility of use of 150 decorative lines as motive for creation of borders by means of bordyurny pyalets.
Possibility of change of a background of the LSD screen - an Opportunity to adjust a screen background under any color composition of an embroidery.
Complete set
Pad for a vymetyvaniye of loops of "A"
Pad for embroidery of "W"
Krayeobmetochny pad of "G"
Pad for a vystrachivaniye of monograms of "N"
Pad for a vshivaniye of a lightning of "I"
Pad for a line a zigzag of "J"
Pad for a secret line of "R"
Pad for sewing of buttons of "M"
The walking pad
Pad with a lateral knife
Pad for stitches with free supply of material
Pad for direct lines
Bobbin (10 pieces)
Set of needles
Double needle
Set of needles with the rounded-off edge
Tailor's piece of chalk
Brush for cleaning
Screw-driver (big)
Screw-driver (small)
Cap for the coil (small)
Cap for the coil (average) (2 pieces)
Cap for the coil (big)
Vertical core for the coil
Lining under the coil
Disk-shaped screw-driver
Grid for the coil
Set of a tambour (small) 2 cm (In) x 6 cm (Sh)
Set of a tambour (average) 10 cm (In) x 10 cm (Sh)  



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Brother NV-5000 laura ashley sewing embroidery machine
Brother NV-5000 laura ashley sewing embroidery machine
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