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Brother PR 1000e embroidery machine

Brother PR 1000e embroidery machine

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandBrother
  • Country of manufactureTaiwan

Brother PR 1000e embroidery machine

PR-1000e is an ideal car for improvement of your embroidery business. It includes a set of new functions which in a complex promote increase of productivity. The PR-1000e embroidery machine offers 10 needles for use of wider range of flowers of threads, very big area for embroidery, a video camera for positioning and the technological, simple touch display in use with a set of the functions allowing to edit and look through drawings.

10 needles 
Magnificent, multi-color embroideries will be ready quicker, than ever before. Impressive 10-colored designs up to 50 000 is stitch in size are embroidered 12% quicker than with 6-needle, and up to 30% quicker, than one-needle embroidery machines! 
Ideal productivity 
PR-1000e provides an ideal tension of threads every time with exclusive system of gas station of threads from Brother. Thanks to this system the constant tension of threads of all 10 threads even is supported during the movement of an iglovoditel, and also complication of threads is excluded. Process of gas station is extraordinary simple - to follow simple steps of gas station enough! Automatic gas station of all 10 needles will require only several seconds. 
10 LED lamps in advanced light system of indication of threads InnovaChrome 
Under each of 10 coils there is a full LED illumination which imitates color of the thread belonging to the coil for each design, helping to exclude guesses concerning what color of a thread has to be used. LED of illumination are automatically calibrated for indication of the next color from hundreds of flowers used in a standard color palette. 
Advanced Super View HD the LCD display from the Sharp company
Thanks to the advanced ASV HD LCD display with touch management, all images are displayed with the brightest clearness, and the wide-angle screen promotes the review without distortion practically from any point. With the new display there is a possibility of viewing of designs in the increased zoom mode to 200%. Screen brightness can automatically be adjusted depending on surrounding lighting or for more accurate image of light designs now (for example, laces). 
 InnovEye technology and viewing close up: exact positioning 
The exclusive InnovEye technology and viewing provide with close up the accurate image of area around a needle. This irreplaceable function for multineedle professional cars represents the built-in video camera over a needle plate. Providing the accurate enlarged image on the LCD display, the embroidery became exact more than ever before, difficult designs seem simple now! 
The InnovEye technology means exact positioning of a needle in the field of the bad review. Calculation of placement of a stitch will not bring difficulties any more. 
Marker of positioning of an embroidery of Snowman
Accuracy in the following measurement thanks to a unique marker of positioning of an embroidery of Snowman (Snowman) which was created for work in combination with the InnovEye technology. Using a marker of positioning of an embroidery on your product, the InnovEye technology automatically positions a needle and design, reaching an ideal arrangement. It is not necessary to correct anything any more if you were mistaken in a zapyalivaniye of your product! The InnovEye technology will find a marker and will make corrections for you! 
Other features of model: 
• The adjusted speed of embroidery from 400 to 1000 stitches in a minute 
• Area of embroidery of 360 mm x 200 mm 
• 110 built-in drawings for embroidery 
• 28 built-in fonts 
• Automatic gas station of a thread 
• Automatic cutting of a thread 
• The unique system of gas station of a thread prevents complication of a thread and promotes a stable tension 
• ASV (Advanced Super View) LCD display of high resolution of NEW 
• Positioning by means of a video camera 
• Advanced light system of indication of NEW coils 
• The customized LED system of lighting 
Standard complete set: 
Case for accessories 
Set of needles (2 pieces) 
Bobbin with the reeled-up thread (6 pieces) 
Grid for the coil (10 pieces) 
Vsparyvatel for loops 
Device for replacement of a needle (nitevdevatel) 
Pro-rate of a needle plate 
Screw-drivers: crosswise, standard, six-sided, curved, disk-shaped 
Wrench 13 x 10 
Brush for cleaning 
USB cable clip (2 pieces) 
Lining for coils (10 pieces) 
Cap for the coil (10 pieces) 
USB cable 
Tambour: (superbig) 200kh360mm, (big) 130kh180mm, (averages) 100kh100mm, (small) 40kh60mm 
Sheets with a grid for embroidery: (superbig) 200kh360mm, (big) 130kh180mm, (average) 100kh100mm, (small) 40x60 mm 
Leaf of positioning (3 pieces) 
Holder of pyalets And 
The holder of pyalets In 
User's guide 
Short reference book 
Food cable 


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Brother PR 1000e embroidery machine
Brother PR 1000e embroidery machine
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