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Brother V-7 sewing embroidery machine

Brother V-7 sewing embroidery machine

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Brother V-7 sewing embroidery machine

Brother NV V7 sewing embroidery machine (Innov is V7)

The new fresh decision from Brother for fans of sewing, an embroidery and needlework. At first sight similar and at the same time a little different. "Follow the laser" and modern technologies, to the fantastic world of creativity and a creative. The review presents to your attention two V-series models: Brother Innov-is V-7 and Brother Innov-is V-5. Machines differ in a complete set and existence of some useful functions.

Brother Innov-is v-7 and Brother Innov-is v-5. If after viewing of the review you have questions on these models, with pleasure they will be answered. Pleasant viewing.


V-series sewing embroidery machines are completely completed for work. Pads for performance of various works in equipment sewing, kvilt, a machine embroidery, and also necessary tools for service of the car are included in the package. You should not look for additional accessories in shops to begin to sew and embroider. 


Touch (ultrasonic) feather. Is available only the V-7 model. It is used both in the sewing mode, and in the embroidery mode. It is applied to exact positioning of an embroidery, and also to ideal combination of lines. In the mode of sewing allows to set exact value of length and width of a line. Also by means of a feather you will be able to regulate a line deviation from edge. Using the "sewing stop in the set point" function it is possible to expose a point for an automatic stop of sewing. During the work with complex, dense or elastic materials, consider density and structure of fabric.

Work with the help of a feather in the Embroidery mode

Work with the help of a feather in the Sewing mode

ICAPS — the sensor of automatic detection of thickness of fabric, will adjust pad height when passing thickenings of seams that allows to keep the identical length of a stitch on any site of a product.

Allow to connect additional devices to the sewing embroidery machine (USB a mouse, for control of car. USB Flash for transfer of designs). You will also be able to connect your machine to the computer for direct transfer of designs on the car.

The automatic nitevdevatel is present only at household embroidery machines of the Brother company. It allows without getting accustomed to insert to an ear of a needle into it a thread. The convenient and useful function accelerating work. It is especially useful to people with the weakened sight.

Laser pointer guide, unique function available only in the V7 car. The laser will specify the exact line of sewing, still before fabric gets under a pad.

Those from you who is familiar for a long time with embroidery equipment who had to work at the small monochrome display will understand and will estimate the 7th the inch multi-color monitor from the Sharp company. There is nothing more pleasantly to work at the touch display, seeing before itself real display of an embroidery. The century of small displays ended!

Convenient turn – it means it is not necessary to worry for shift at material turn any more. At fabric turn function activation, every time when you will stop sewing, the pad will rise, at the same time the needle will remain in fabric. Deduction of fabric in the necessary situation, a pleasant trifle when sewing products with a large number of corners where assembly accuracy is important.

Bright illumination of area of sewing and embroidery is necessary first of all for convenience of work. In cars LED illumination is used reguliruyemya on brightness. You can set the necessary brightness being guided by lighting in your house.

The big working space to the left of a needle is useful not only to kvilter, for placement of large projects. Everyone who sews and embroiders faced a problem of placement of a product. In this series of sewing embroidery machines the working space is increased to 285 mm in length and 127 mm height. Really for work with "KingSize" as projects!

V-series sewing embroidery machines have the field of an embroidery 180kh300mm. In a set to the Brother Innov-is V-7 car go also a pyalets the size 130kh180mm. As an additional accessory it is possible to get square a pyalets 150kh150mm, for implementation of kviltovy projects and bordyurny a pyalets, for convenient performance of designs of an embroidery on edge of a product.

Laser positioning of provision of a needle on fabric was available only to industrial embroidery machines earlier. This function allows to define where the needle puncture will be directed. The LED pointer allows to position precisely an embroidery on a product and to combine designs at embroidery.


In work of the tailor and a vyshivalshchik useful will be a function of the indication of exact time. Existence of the hour display will not allow you to forget about a dinner and will allow to learn what is the time leaves on the main operations.

Independent winding of the spool is possible both in the sewing mode, and in the embroidery mode. While the machine embroiders or you lay a line, the device installed on the machine case reels up a bobbin.


Automatic cutting of a thread – function useful both when sewing, and at embroidery. In the sewing mode, upon termination of performance of a line, the machine will stop, will make a clip and will cut off a thread. In the embroidery mode, the machine will make cutting between objects of one color that will relieve you of need to take out a pyalets and to cut off broaches in manual. At desire this function can be turned off.

The pad the top conveyor with digital adjustment of value of differential, gives the chance to sew together fine and thick fabrics, and also jersey without the shift of details and change of length of their cuts. This accessory will allow you to combine skin and silk, a dzhinsa and jersey without problems, and also to quilt a kviltovy blanket without the shift of layers.





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Brother V-7 sewing embroidery machine
Brother V-7 sewing embroidery machine
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