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Warming of hangars and warehouses

Our company makes warming of any industrial and office buildings, such as: warehouses, vegetable storehouses, refrigerators, parkings, shops, etc. by the most modern and effective methods.

The fast-built arch hangars - more and more popular type of the structures which are used as warehouses, for the parking and storage of transport, for storage of vegetables, as production shops and even under rooms for shops, the markets and business centers.

Such popularity of hangars is connected with features of their construction - they are made of thin galvanized steel and do not demand the base, beams or columns, other supporting designs. Such hangars are durable and fast in assembly, can be constructed on any soil, and most important their price many times is less than similar capital building. All this does arch frame hangars more and more demanded in the Kazakhstan market.

However their main shortcoming - heat in a structure from steel 1-1,2 mm thick does not want to be late longer, than for several minutes. And temperature condition is important for any kind of activity. To warm the huge room of a hangar even if and it is possible, then it is simply unprofitable - accounts for energy will be extremely big.

The only real option of an exit from such situation is work on warming of a hangar (warehouse). It will allow to cut considerably power consumption on its heating and to receive stable temperature condition in a structure. For warming of hangars various materials - from traditional rolled heaters from mineral wool, to various polyfoams are offered today. What to choose from them?

Warming of a hangar - very difficult and expensive procedure, proceeding at least from its sizes. The mistake at the choice of a heater can cost very much - often the habitual ways of warming suitable for warming of houses are absolutely economically unprofitable, and sometimes and are inefficient in a case with hangars.

So, for example, when warming warehouses mineral wool it is necessary to provide elements of its fastening to a framework that as a result will weight a design and will break its integrity. It can lead to decrease in terms of operation of a structure. Besides such heater demands the device of a reliable paroizolyatsionny layer, otherwise condensate will destroy a heater layer for only a few years. Usually such layer is formed of paroizolyatsionny polymeric films, but they also demand fastening, are expensive and short-lived - the layer of such vapor barrier is often broken because of natural deformations during operation of a hangar.

Very difficult evenly to cover all surface of a hangar with any heat-insulating material demanding fastening - there are always cracks and gaps which considerably reduce overall effectiveness of all heat-insulation layer. And such works very much last long, practically always they are carried out at considerable height.

In the most effective way of warming of a hangar warming is at a polyurethane foam pomoshchinapyleniye for today. Besides very high heat-insulating rates this way of warming possesses a large amount of other advantages which are even more distinctly visible during the work with considerable volumes and the areas.

So, there is no need of the device of additional fastening of a layer of a heater to a hangar framework - polyurethane foam possesses very high adhesion to steel and napylyatsya on a framework at once. By method of a dusting of polyurethane foam it is possible to receive a uniform layer without cracks, gaps and bridges of cold.

Polyurethane foam napylyatsya on a surface of any configuration and a form, including on horizontal surfaces (it is possible to warm a ceiling). Polyurethane foam possesses very low vapor permeability that does unnecessary the device of additional layers of vapor barrier. Polyurethane foam is durable - service life till 50 years.

Works on warming of a hangar as a polyurethane foam dusting on time will occupy many times less, than warming with alternative materials (1000 sq.m - of 2 days). Warming of warehouses a layer of polyurethane foam of 50 mm is similar to warming by a layer in 150 mm of mineral wool. At a dusting it is possible to receive any necessary thickness of a layer, proceeding from the expected temperature condition.

Polyurethane foam environmentally friendly also does not sustain combustion. The low density of material allows to avoid additional loads of a design.

All these factors do use of any other materials simply inefficient, both from the economic point of view, and from the point of view of quality of the received result. Our company has a wide experience in warming of large objects by a polyurethane foam dusting method including experience at big heights. Our experts are ready to undertake implementation even of the most difficult orders.

Stages of our work:

  • having addressed us, you report amount of works, and our employee leaves on object without additional fee, after the conclusion of the contract you make an advance payment of 70% of all sum;
  • within 1-4 days we deliver all necessary materials to the place of work;
  • our employees carry out all amount of works, exercise quality control then payment of the remained sum is made;
  • we provide a guarantee for the carried-out works for a period of 5 years.

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