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The bulldozer B10M2 - a traction class 10 with hydromechanical transmission - it modern modification of the B10M, (B-10M) bulldozer productivity of which is at the level of the best domestic and world analogs at significantly smaller initial cost. In a design of the bulldozer the complex of actions which provided improvement of working conditions of the operator and increased reliability of the most responsible knots is introduced. Planetary onboard reducers and the taken-out axes of swing of running carts are introduced.

Categories of soil without loosening: - I-III. Category of soil with preliminary loosening: - over III.

Workplace of the operator of the bulldozer B10M2

Modern interior of a cabin with double double-glazed windows, equipment of a cabin the heater fan of "ZENIN-8000" using warmly cooling liquid, a convenient arrangement of governing bodies of a tractor and the hinged equipment, the podressorenny and adjustable seat, a sun-protection blind, well readable dashboard allow the operator to feel comfortable and to work is more productive.

Transmission of the bulldozer B10M2

Hydromechanical transfer provides automatic control of speed of the movement depending on the corresponding external loadings - gear shifting without rupture of a stream of power and a fast reverse, and also decrease in dynamic loadings in a power transmission.

Running system of the bulldozer B10M2

The resource of running system increased thanks to application of basic skating rinks with bearings of sliding and consolidations of Duo Cone ensuring functioning of basic skating rinks without oil dribble.


(for the D-180M1 engine) provides automatic stepless change of frequency of rotation and a torque on day off to a shaft

Hydrotransformer block

(for the YaMZ-236N3 engine) with a reducer of drives of hydraulic pumps of the hinged equipment and management of transmission

Planetary transmission

has 3 transfers forward and 3 transfers with hydrogear shifting and a reverse back

Planetary modular bortreduktor and bortfriktsiona

solved a problem of reliability of a tractor with the increased draft with ceramic-metal disks

Samopodzhimny consolidation like Duo Cone

with rubber sealing rings from ftorsilikonovy rubber and metal rings

Basic skating rinks with sliding bearings

are designed according to the classical scheme where as antifrictional material bronze is used

Segments of driving wheels

fasten bolts to a nave of a wheel and are made by stamping with thermoimprovement and training of working surfaces that provides ease of their replacement and a high resource of work

Boot of a caterpillar

from steel with high fizikomekhanichesky properties and fastening by special bolts

On the basis of the B10M2 tractors the complete set of the bulldozers B10M2.0051 and B10M2.6050 with an intermediate track is created.

Among the main advantages of bulldozers ChTZ:

Wide choice of a complete set by request:

Choice of models of the engine: YaMZ, D-180vybor systems of start: starting engine, elektrostarteromvybor of the buldoser equipment: hemispherical, hemispherical increased, spherical, direct, rotary, etc. Wide set of additional options

High maintainability:

existence in regions of spare parts of factory production at reasonable prices, existence of regional factory warehouses of spare parts and equipment, existence guarantee a repair tsentrovvozmozhnost in places of direct operation, without transportation on repair base, in "field" conditions

The minimum operational expenses - the ChTZ equipment in comparison with domestic and foreign analogs (the minimum cost of development of cubic meter of soil, the minimum prime cost of machine-hour, the minimum costs of replacement of the fast-worn-out elements).

The minimum initial cost - new units in comparison with competitors due to optimum concentration of production, mass serial release and debugged channels of delivery.

The minimum cost of a set - the fast-worn-out elements, at reliability, comparable to domestic and foreign analogs, and a resource of the replaced knots and details.

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Bulldozer b10m2
Bulldozer b10m2
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