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Buy POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B in Kazakhstan buy in Almaty
Buy Buy POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B in Kazakhstan
Buy POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B in Kazakhstan

Buy POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B in Kazakhstan

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Technical characteristics
  • TypeEnd
  • СonstructionHeat-shrinkable

POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B (sech.3*150-240 sq. mm) (konts, vnutr)


POLT end cable sleeves of Raychem of outdoor and indoor unit for the plastic insulated cable.

Cable sleeves of POLT are applied to shielded single-conductor cables with plastic isolation on tension 10, 20, 35 kV (APVVG, PVPG, YHAKXS, XUHAKXS, YHKXS, AXEKVCY, AXEKVCEY, CXEKVCEY, N(A)2XSY and so forth)

One set includes materials for termination of 3 phases.

Design of an end sleeve of POLT:
Wire of the screen of a cable or the grounding conductor are pressurized by sticky mastic.

The yellow tape for distribution of electric field strength is reeled up in the field of a cut of the semiconducting screen of a cable.

On an inner surface of the trekingostoyky insulating tube the layer of the pressurizing semiconducting mastic with properties of alignment of electric field strength is put.

It isolates and pressurizes a vein between the termination of an outside cover of a cable and a cable terminal.

The solderless fittings which is ordered separately is used to grounding of the tape screen.

* sets of end sleeves of modification of L20 include bolt tips under M20 bolt for copper veins section only to 500 sq. mm. Designation: POLT - xx x/1X x - Lx POLT - an end sleeve for the plastic insulated cable hkh - tension (12, 24, 42) x - section (C, D, E, F) X - the number of cable cores (I - indoor unit, O - external installation) the letter L indicates placement availability of bolt tips with a stall head
Cable sleeves of POLT Raychem (Raykhem) provide:
· the highest reliability and durability, comparable with cable service life;
· speed of mounting in all environmental conditions;
· the universality allowing to use one standard size for several types of cables;
· possibility of full refusal of mastics, weldings and rations of cable cores;
· inclusion of a cable in work directly after performance of mounting of the coupling.
· cable sleeves "Raykhem" are an economy of means and considerable reduction of operational expenses.
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Buy POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B in Kazakhstan
Buy POLT 12D/3XI-H1-L12B in Kazakhstan
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