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If to consider process of finishing of rooms of the apartment go in respect of the spent money at home, then many try to save something somewhere. This justified behavior based on two reasons. The first — money is earned and get hardly therefore it is always a pity for them. The second — in the modern market of construction materials it is possible to find products which correspond to an optimum ratio the price quality. For example, panel PVC for a ceiling.

Advantages of PVC of ceilings

Recently the given type of facing of ceiling surfaces is very popular. All the matter is that this material has a number of advantages which distinguish it from other vidovpotolochny coverings .
What these advantages?

  1. Maximum indicator of moisture resistance. Panel PVC in this plan can be compared only to stretch ceilings. All other materials cannot hold a candle to plastic. Neither gypsum cardboard, nor paint, nor whitewashing will be able to resist to moisture influence and furthermore water which sometimes filters from the top floors — if favourite neighbors suddenly flooded you. Besides it is possible to remove the collected water with simple removal of one panel — that becomes easily and quickly.
  2. Plain surface. The installed panels give to a ceiling the equal and smooth look which is not demanding further finishing or completion.
  3. This type of facing belongs to the category of "false ceilings". And it means that between it and a basic ceiling there is always a place where it is possible to hide communication and engineering networks. For example, electric wires, system of ventilation, even water pipes.
  4. Excellent noise isolation. It is already proved that the small air interval between a basic ceiling and a ceiling from PVC is an excellent noise-insulating barrier — that it is possible to carry to advantage.
  5. High rate of durability. Plastic panels at the correct operation can serve several decades. Means, and the ceiling will stay as much.
  6. Simplicity of installation of PVC of panels. Experts claim that any man in the slightest degree understanding construction business and having skills of work with construction tools can cope with this process.
  7. Low price. At all magnificent physics and technology and operational characteristics  the plastic ceiling  costs not much in comparison with other ceiling finishing materials.
  8. Environmental friendliness of material. At change of external factors — temperature and humidity — PVC of the panel do not emit substances, harmful to human health.
  9. And the last quality which very much is pleasant to hostesses. The plastic ceiling is well cleaned by any household detergents.
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Ceilings 3D Poppies
Ceilings 3D Poppies
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