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Cell high-voltage KC-02-10(6) type u1 buy in Almaty
Buy Cell high-voltage KC-02-10(6) type u1
Cell high-voltage KC-02-10(6) type u1

Cell high-voltage KC-02-10(6) type u1

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Cells high-voltage the KC-02-10(6) U1 type (further cells), are intended for reception and distribution of electric energy of three-phase alternating current of 6 or 10 kV of the industrial frequency of 50 Hz. Cells are used for connection, sectioning, food and protection of powerful career consumers in distributive networks. Cells are established in from - vetvitelny and high-level networks of pits, and also accessions to intra career overhead power transmission lines to 10 kV. upon the demand of the customer (at mobile option of execution), cells can be delivered on a sled. SERVICE CONDITIONS: A climatic modification of cells - At, category of placement 1 in accordance with GOST 15150. Normal functioning of cells is ensured under following conditions: - height above sea level - no more than 1000 m; - top value of ambient temperature of air is not higher 400C; - the lower value of ambient temperature of air - 450C; - speed of wind is allowed to 15 m/s at a thickness of ice up to 10 mm, at absence naked Leda wind speed - to 30 m/s; - environment is inexplosive, not containing conducting dust in kontsen-the tration reducing parameters of products in inadmissible limits. The Cell DESIGN on mechanical influences correspond to M18 service conditions in accordance with GOST 16962.2. Cases of cells are executed on degree of protection of IP20 according to GOST 14254. Cells are divided by partitions into compartments: - disconnectors; - vacuum switch; - tension transformer; - managements (relay). In a compartment of disconnectors of cells of the KS-02 type the disconnector - RVF3-10 and RVZ of-10 GOST 689 is located. In a compartment high-voltage you - a klyuchatel have to be located the vacuum or oil switch in accordance with GOST 18397, current transformers in accordance with GOST 7746, mechanisms of blocking. In a compartment of the transformer of tension have to be placed: tension transformer on GOST1983 and safety locks of PKN-10 in accordance with GOST 2213. Control of the drive of the switch is exercised from a case of management. Cells oblada-yut mechanical durability according to GOST 14693, also provide normal operating conditions of transportation, without any deformations or damages interfering their normal work. The possibility of trailer seal of high-voltage cables and a possibility of their installation in the quantity caused by the scheme of primary connections is provided in cells. Doors of cells maintain not less than 10000 otkryvaniye and zakryvaniye, smoothly, without jammings, turn on a corner not less than 950, have locks and handles. Doors of compartments adjoin to the case so that necessary density was provided. Door locks of all cases of a cell open one key. The busbar of cells is executed by aluminum tires in accordance with GOST 15176. Tires among themselves connect to the help of welded or bolted connections. Combined tires have the next distinctive colors: a phase A - yellow, a phase B - green, a phase C - red.
Structure of a symbol: To - the camera C - sectionings 02 years of development of H-rated voltage, kV At - a climatic modification 1 - Category of placement
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Cell high-voltage KC-02-10(6) type u1
Cell high-voltage KC-02-10(6) type u1
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