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Ceramsite gravel - a product of roasting of clay at a temperature of 1200-1300 °C.

Thanks to the unique properties it possesses the widest range of application:
as heat-insulating and sound-proof filling of external walls, internal partitions, floors, a basis under a concrete coupler, it is not enough ceiling overlappings and roofs and multystoried construction
for warming of water supply and thermal systems;

Use of expanded clay is of particular importance in the conditions of our unstable climate and the increased humidity as it pogodoustoychiv, is fire-resistant, does not collapse when freezing and is not subject to rotting. Thanks to these properties, it is recommended to use ceramsite gravel for dumping of the base that will allow to reduce a base depth from 1,5 m to 0,8 m, preventing at the same time frost penetration in soil around the base, and, therefore, and a distortion of designs of the building (a frame, a door, etc.). For this purpose expanded clay is filled up from outer side on perimeter of the tape base on depth of 250 mm under a concrete coupler.
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Ceramsite gravel
Ceramsite gravel
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