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Chambers ultra-violet UFK-1,UFK-2,UFK-3 buy in Shymkent

Chambers ultra-violet UFK-1,UFK-2,UFK-3

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Chambers ultra - violet UFK - 1,UFK - 2,UFK - 3

Chambers are intended for storage of previously sterilized medical tools for the purpose of prevention of their secondary kontamination by microorganisms.
UFK are intended for any profile of medical activity: are applied in stomatologic offices, treatment - and - prophylactic establishments, laboratories, drugstores, research and medical institutions, in rooms (operational, viewing, stomatologic offices, dressing and other premises of MPI) where work with sterile medical tools is carried out.
Chambers provides constant availability for service of medical tools in the course of their long (till 7 days) storages.
The principle of work is based on use of UF - radiation which source are bactericidal lamps of TUV 15W, TUV 30W. More than 60% of radiation are the share of radiation with a wavelength of 254 nanometers, obespechiva - yushchy maximum bactericidal action. Lamps of Philips firm which do not produce ozone are used. Average service life of a lamp – 8000 hours.
UFK, thanks to design features of a lattice in which the tool is located has by 4 times bigger capacity in comparison with shelves and cases with UF lamps. Nippers, tweezers, clips, korntsang can stand in a lattice, clearly demonstrating working surfaces. The choice of the necessary tool happens quickly – one movement. Capacity of UFK is sufficient for carrying out the continuous mixed reception for 24 hours. The bactericidal lamp is included constantly. A chamber cover in situation "Is closed" does not interfere prokhozhde - a niya of direct UF of beams to the tool. In situation "Openly" the cover closes itself UF a lamp, providing safe access for personnel to the sterile tool.
The cover of a chamber is arranged so that when closing there is no hashing of the sterile air which is in a chamber, and not sterile, being outside.
Main properties:
- the transparent cover allows to observe visually an arrangement of the tool and material in a chamber. Result - efficiency of work of medical personnel -
- the electronic monitoring system of maintenance of sterility considers UF - lamp operating time time that relieves of need of maintaining the magazine -
- the convenient design of chambers and design allows to facilitate as much as possible work and to make it pleasant.
UFK - 1, UFK - 2 settle down on legs with wheels that allows to move easily a chamber on the room.

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