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CHIROLOG SV Aura medical ventilator

CHIROLOG SV Aura medical ventilator

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Medical ventilator CHIROLOG SV Aura, Chirana s. r. o .  (Slovakia), intended for carrying out the prolonged IVL at adults, children and newborns weighing from 2 kg. The device IVL Chirolog SV is created on the basis of wishes of the Russian physicians. In comparison with the previous models breath parameters considerably are expanded, the color monitor of bigger diameter and a possibility of carrying out full gas analysis is added, management became simple and intuitively clear. Thanks to an original technical solution of designers of firm "Chirana s. r. o. " the device Chirolog sv alfa C does not demand a source of compressed air, is silent in work, there are all IVL main modern modes, the new exclusive modes are implemented: MLV, MVC, CFS.

Description of the CHIROLOG SV Aura medical ventilator:

  • Universal medical ventilator of an expert class;
  • Mode of multi - level ventilation;
  • Possibilities of intellectual programming of respiratory support;
  • Built - in compressor.

The fan possesses all IVL necessary modes, including the unique modes:

  • MVS - the autoadaptive mode with the guaranteed minute ventilation;
  • MLV - the mode of artificial ventilation of the lungs at three levels of pressure;
  • CFS - ventilating support by a continuous flow;
  • APMV - the autoadaptive proportional mode for the purpose of achievement of programmable minute ventilation.

AURA - the successor of traditions of a popular series of respirators of CHIROLOG (Chirana, Slovakia). Full monitoring of breath, both graphic, and digital. Monitoring of mechanical properties of lungs. All information is output to the color contrast TFT display 12,1". Control of gas composition of respiratory mix on a breath and an exhalation (O2, CO2). The device works silently, is supplied with the built - in compressor and does not demand an additional source of compressed air.

The built - in accumulator allows to work within 2 hours after blackout. It is optionally equipped with the ProfiLungs module which first - ever allows:
  • To carry out artificial ventilation of the lungs with assistance of the intellectual software;
  • To provide recovery of independent breath, leaning on necessary indicators of respiratory biomechanics;
  • The respirator can be equipped with unique system of optimization of parameters of the artificial ventilation of the lungs based on comprehensive control and an assessment of the respiratory status of the patient;
  • To carry out archiving and to carry out the analysis of parameters.

Technical parameters of the CHIROLOG SV Aura medical ventilator:

Class of safety of the device


Otakkumulyator operating time,  more  (hours)


Maximum power consumption (VA)


Ventilating parameters:
- respiratory
volume of Vt,  (ml)
- minute ventilation of MV,  (l/min)
- inspiratory flow of Q,  (l/min)
- f respiration rate, (cycles/min. )
- time of a breath of Ti, (% )
- a pause at the end of a breath of Tp, (% )
- ratio of time of a breath and exhalation:
- positive pressure at the end of an exhalation (PEEP)
- concentration of O2 in an inspiratory flow, (% )
- deep breath
- sensitivity of the trigger on a flow,  (l/min)

from 20 to 2000
from 0,5 to 25
from 0 to 120
from 4 to 60
from 20 to 80 from cycle Tc time
from 0 to 50 from Ti breath time
from 1: 4 to 4: 1
от 0 до 25 Pa x 100
from 21 to 100
otkl. , or everyone 10 – the 100th breath
from 1 to 10, otkl.

The monitoring and displayed parameters and alarms:
- monitoring

the schedules displayed on the display

- parameters
of mechanics of lungs

- pressure – paw, Vt volume, minute ventilation of MV, the minimum pressure of pmin = PEEP, average pressure, concentration of O2 on a breath, concentration of CO2, on a breath and an exhalation, the frequency of f, T/M – "effort of the patient".
- schedule of pressure, curve of dependence of P/V, schedule of a flow, schedule of dependence of Q/V, curve of volume, P/V curve, curve CO2 (option).
- a constant of time of a breath and an exhalation, peak alveolar pressure, alveolar pressure at the end of a breath, the alveolar pressure, autoPEEP, a static pliability of lungs, a dynamic pliability of lungs, resistance of respiratory ways on a breath.

- technical alarms

- alarms of ventilation

- pressure of food of O2, food from el. networks, malfunctions in system, malfunction to the current of the test.
pressure: pmax, pmin,
volume: MVmax, MVmin, Vtmin
O2: insp. concentration of FiO2min, FiO2max
CO2: insp. / ex - item kontsentr. CO2 min
 , max,
frequency: fmin


high - quality liquid crystal TFT - LCD the display 8,2" with wide viewing angle

Dimensions, weight:
- width  x depth  x height,  (mm)
- execution 
- weight  (kg)

520 x 585 x 1250
on a support, mobile
85 ± 10%

The pneumatic sprayer of medicines - the nebulizer:
- power supply voltage,  (kPa)
- consumption of O2, (l/min)
- quantity aerosols

400 ± 50
20 ± g/h


electronic, with control and monitoring of intraoralny temperature


- a possibility of communication with the external computer, for display and data transmission in real time;
- respiratory mechanics;
- display of numerical values of resistance, komplayns: dynamic, static, autoPEEP;
- possibility of expansion of functions, komplektatsiy4
- the software for optimization of ventilating parameters, measurement of SpO2 + the plethysmogram.

IVL main modes

CMV - the ventilation managed on volume;
SCMV – sinkhronizirovannya the ventilation managed on volume
PC V – the ventilation managed on pressure
SPCV – the synchronized ventilation managed on pressure
SIMV – synchronized replaceable ventilation:
SIMV - v – the artificial breath managed on volume
SIMV - p – the artificial breath managed on pressure
SIMV - PS – synchronized replaceable ventilation with support of independent breath by pressure
PS - support by pressure
APRV (BIPAP) – ventilation by means of release of pressure in respiratory tracts
2 - Level – ventilation in two levels of pressure
2 - Level + PS – ventilation in two levels of pressure with support by pressure at lower level
MLV – multi - level ventilation
CPAP – continuous positive pressure in respiratory tracts
MVs – autoadaptive regulatory system on the basis of observance chosen as MV
SIGH - a sigh (a deep breath);
CFS – ventilating support by a continuous flow

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CHIROLOG SV Aura medical ventilator
CHIROLOG SV Aura medical ventilator
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