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Cleaner ionizer of AIC XJ-2200 air buy in Almaty
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Cleaner ionizer of AIC XJ-2200 air

Cleaner ionizer of AIC XJ-2200 air

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandAIC
  • Country of manufactureItaly
  • OzonationYes

Possibilities of model:

• - - Purification of air not only of firm particles, but also of different types of microparticles: allergens, chemical evaporations, viruses, bacteria, a mold and other particles of the supersmall sizes which are not late ordinary filters.
• - - Use in a design of the device of the HEPA filter of the increased efficiency which contains activated - coal. High quality of cleaning is reached by the fact that negative ions which are formed in a cleaner attract to themselves particles of pollution which are airborne. Larger particles which then are without effort caught by the filter are as a result formed.
• - - the ultra-violet lamp enters a design of a cleaner. Its radiation destroys bacteria and viruses which get in the device, caught by the filter. As a result these bacteria and viruses do not breed in a cleaner as a part happens in systems to use of the ordinary filter.
• - - High degree of overall performance of a cleaner is reached also because negative ions move on all room. Strengthening of their circulation is promoted by existence of the built-in fan.
• - - the two-layer air filter enters a design of a cleaner. The first layer represents a layer of absorbent carbon, and the second – the HEPA filter. Absorbent carbon detains chemical compounds and neutralizes them. In particular, it is various gases, smells including such strong as a smell of tobacco smoke. The HEPA filter does not catch similar particles.
• - - Purpose of the HEPA filter is in catching particles which size makes from 0,03 microns. Efficiency of the filter allows to detain to 99,97% of these particles circulating in air.
• - - the High efficiency of purification of air reached by this model is based on a simultaneous combination of use of the photocatalyst, HEPA filter and UF-lamp. As a result from air fine dust, pollen and other allergens, a smell, firm particles of various character is removed.
• - - the Filtrational system of a cleaner allows to catch the considerable volume of the pollution which are present at air of rooms, including the ionized particles. Similar particles, at use of ordinary ionizers, are just besieged on home decoration or on a floor.
• - - Bactericidal efficiency of ultra-violet radiation is scientifically proved. Influence of this radiation allows to destroy a dust tick, mold fungi, bacteria, microbes and viruses.
• - - UF-radiation is already for many years applied in medical institutions, to ensuring sanitary purity of rooms and the equipment, allowing to fight against spread of infections successfully. In a cleaner of this model the ultra-violet lamp is placed in the case, and its basic purpose is that with its help bactericidal processing of the filter on which settle pollution, and also air which passes through the filter is conducted. Work of such lamp is completely safe, even in case the person is in close proximity to the working device.
• - - the Photocatalyst is necessary for removal of a number of pollution, including volatile organic compounds (VOC), tobacco smoke and other unpleasant smells, and also bacteria.
• - - the Phenomenon of photocatalytic oxidation is reached due to contact of ultraviolet rays with titanium dioxide. The superoxidized ions which have exclusively high clearing properties are as a result formed.
• - - the Air purifier of this model is executed in original design of the UFO. The UF-lamp working in the case lights the site around the device with pleasant blue light. This light does not constitute danger to the person as the radiation of a lamp passes through the light window made of the special material which is completely absorbing ultra-violet radiation. Thus, action of UF-radiation is local.

Brand: - - - - AIC
Device model: - - - - XJ-2200
Tension of network, In/Hz.: - - - - 230-240/50-60
Power consumption, Watt.: - - - - 25
Overall dimensions, mm.: - - - - 380X254X105
Net weight, kg.: - - - - 1,870
Area of service, sq.m: - - - - to 25
Concentration of active oxygen: - - - - 0,05 per milles (mg/m3)
Wiped productivity. ions: - - - - 5kh10kh5st./см3 (distance of 20 cm)
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Cleaner ionizer of AIC XJ-2200 air
Cleaner ionizer of AIC XJ-2200 air
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