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Cleaning of the fuel MPG-MAX-PRO system buy in Almaty
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Cleaning of the fuel MPG-MAX-PRO system

Cleaning of the fuel MPG-MAX-PRO system

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Professional cleaning of fuel system of THIS THAT DLYA car it is NECESSARY? Through each 20-40 thousand km on nozzles and injectors of the engine resinous deposits and a deposit which considerably influence effective operation of the engine are formed. It leads to reduction of efficiency, power and, respectively, to increase in fuel consumption. The car on dynamics as speak, stano-to curl "stupid". Deposits collect on all details of a fuel path - but they exert a greater influence in a needle zone for-sunka. Change of the section through passage - change productivity and a form of races - a heat. Therefore, the condition of nozzles significantly influences operation of the engine. The main signs of their malfunction happen: the insufficient power developed by the engine; breakthroughs and failures at increase in load of the engine; unstable work on small turns; the increased toxicity of the fulfilled gases. The first and main way of restoration of normal operability of nozzles is their WASHING. At the same time the washing solution should not influence elements of a fuel path, and also on the valve, epiploons, laying of DVS, etc. Our DECISION - the ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT of MPG-MAX-PRO™. One bottle of MPG-MAX-PRO™ (236 ml) cleans hammered fuel an injector, nozzles, the carburetor, helps to restore the lost engine capacity and prevents an excessive consumption of fuel. It is absolutely safe! APPLICATION: It is necessary to pour out the full maintenance of a bottle in your gasoline tank before it for - a polneniye, then to fill a tank with fuel. Besides, add MPG-CAPS™. When sharing MPG-MAX-PRO™ with MPG series products, ef-fekt economy of fuel you receive much quicker. The GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS This way is effective during regular removal of rather small pollution and has more likely preventive character. ATTENTION! Removal of old deposits by this method can lead to opposite result. In this case it is the best of all to address in sulfurs - visny services HUNDRED
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Cleaning of the fuel MPG-MAX-PRO system
Cleaning of the fuel MPG-MAX-PRO system
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