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Coffee from poppy and linchzh

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Coffee from poppy and linchzh

Fight against exhaustion, immunity regulation, completion of energy of kidneys, increase of physical forces. Drink for the daily use - "Coffee with dip also linchzh"

Passed more 1500 since according to giving, the Ethiopian shepherd, found properties of coffee. Now coffee, tea and cocoa are three most popular drinks in the world. And, in world scales of coffee has the maximum volume of realization, and on the volume of purchases of raw materials, except for oil, coffee wins first place in the world.
In everyday life of coffee is a favourite drink of a large number of people. Many of us like to drink a coffee cup in free time when it is necessary to cheer up, banish drowsiness, during communication with friends.
According to given researches, the regular use of coffee, it not only a habit, a way of pleasant pastime, but also occupation the condition of physical and mental health of the person helping to improve, for example, to take off fatigue, to make active a brain. The nutritious components which are contained in coffee promote strengthening of an organzm. The daily use of coffee stimulates exchange functions of an organism in the mornings, makes active digestive organs, yields good results at locks, promotes disposal of excess weight. Coffee, also, has effect of neutralization of effect of alcohol on an organism. The use of three cups of coffee in day promotes prevention of formation of stones in a gall bladder. Besides, coffee has antioxidant effect on an organism, well influences heart, improves a condition of sinews, bones, lumbar vertebras and knee joints, increases appetite, eliminates surplus of lipids, clears an organism normalizes blood circulation relieves from sduorog. From the aforesaid, we understand why coffee is not simple drink, but the product loved and propagandized by many people.
But on the other hand, doctors warn that if you already have a hypertension, regular in high doses your state can worsen the uses of coffee or lead to display of cardiac vascular diseases. Besides, the long use of large numbers of drink can cause washing away of bone substance that negatively affects density of bones. It, in particular for women, creates threat of osteoporosis. Excessive hobby of coffee for gastric patients, maybe, also to aggravate development of an illness.

Thus, we see that coffee odnovremnno has both positive, and negative sides of impact on a human body. How to be? If coffee is so popular drink whether there is no reliable and safe way of processing which would allow to make in the course of the use coffee even more useful to our health?
Team of specialists scientists of the State base of scientific technologies of health of China worked on this task within many years. Being guided by theories of improvement of traditional Chinese medicine which history contains several thousands of years, they achieved a skillful combination of coffee to 2 most valuable medicinal plants - "a grass immortal the East" - a mushroom of a linchzha and "national property of Peru" - dip. As a result, by means of application of the patented technologies of an ekstragirovayaniye coffee was developed and made "With dip also linchzh".
Poppy (maca) is the only plant of family krestotsvetny, growing in the Andes mountains at the height of 4000 m above sea level. It is rich with the maintenance of the nutritious components raising power of the person, strengthening his organism, increasing sexual and reproductive functions. Aboriginals call poppy "gift of gods of the Andes to people". Scientists speak about this plant as about "the natural power engineering specialist", call it "an Indian ginseng", "the Peruvian treasure", "the activator of hormones".

Poppy possesses such properties as ability to increase physical forces of an organism, to counteract exhaustion, to regulate internal secretion, to slow down aging processes, to increase sexual and reproductive functions, to soften influence of a stress and concern. The vegetable sterola which are contained in poppy effectively reduce the level of lipids in blood, lower risk of development of such chronic diseases as atherosclerosis of coronary arteries and benign adenoma of a prostate gland. Also, taurine which promotes lowering of blood pressure supports Mack, regulates a warm rhythm, improves functions of a retina.
Lingzhi. Since ancient times, a linchzha it was known as the herb possessing surprising curative properties and also as the "mascot" of the Chinese people bringing good luck. In an extreme antiquity of a linchzha it was used in China as an improving food product, thanks to the unique qualities, it is nazyvavt "the grass curing hundreds of diseases immortal the East to this day".
East medicine firmly believes that it of a linchzha possesses properties of strengthening of an organism, counteracts development of cancer, promotes comprehensive restoration of an organism at various chronic diseases. In work of times of a dynasty of Min "Farmakopeya lekarstvennykh rasteny" Li Shizhen it is written down that linchzh strengthens protective forces of an organism. "Lingzhi has bitter taste, the moderate nature, is not poisonous, favors to Qi's energy of heart, supports spirit, is useful to joints, fills energy, increases mudros, blagopripyatstvut to vital forces, strengthens muscles and bones, improves complexion, the general exhaustion of an organism treats, at long reception rejuvenates and prolongs life".
Researches of the western scientists could open a linchzha secret. Lingzhi carrying glory of "the king of wood mushrooms" is the natural storeroom of chemical elements. For this reason its value is so high. It not only yields good therapeutic results at cancer, diabetes, diseases of a liver, kidneys, diseases of allergic character and cardiovascular diseases, but, also, possesses functions of activization of immune cages and liquids, strengthenings and completions, regulation of balance of an organism, a profilaktka and decrease in probability of development of illnesses. Yields especially bright results of a linchzha in respect of rehabilitation of an organism after an illness.
By production "Coffee with Dip Also Linchzh" the technology of extraction of pure components patented State bazay scientific technologies of health of China was used. It allowed to split fully to poppy and linchzh and to allocate small molecules thanks to what the structure of production is quickly soaked up by an organism. By means of hromatagrafichesky methods, production is cleared of heavy metals, sand and other impurity. In its structure only vegetable medicinal components remain. Thus. "Coffee with dip also linchzh" is the safe, environmentally friendly production suitable for the long use.
Who can recommend "Coffee with dip also linchzh"
To people the person interested to fill and revitalize an organism
To people in a predisease state: with excess loading on work, the insufficient dream feeling a lack of physical forces and energy, suffering from the reduced immunity, back and waist pains, frequent to colds, intensively proceeding aging processes, obesity
To people suffering hormonal violations and a climacteric syndrome
To the people, smokers taking alcoholic drinks, a long time accepting medicines and needing improvement
To the people suffering from the decrease in sexual functions which is speeded up by an urination, sharp desires to an urination, an urine incontience
To the people having cardiovascular diseases of the atherosclerosis raised by the level of lipids in blood increased by a blood pressure, etc.
To the people suffering from a neurasthenia, sleeplessness
To the people subject to diseases of joints, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritises
To the family, friends, as the good gift bringing health
To the people striving for health and longevity

Effect of the use "Coffee with dip also linchzh"
After 30 - 60 days of the use. At the regular use of production a certain period of time, clear improvement in the plan of the solution of such problems as a predisease state, fatigue, the lowered tone, decrease in physical forces is observed (it is possible to compare a condition of an organism, by sports activities or physical activity). At women skin becomes more tightened, to it the natural shine comes back. The condition of endocrine system and immune functions of an organism improves.
The use of production within 3-6 months increases functions of immune cages and liquids, strengthens an organism, increases its resilience, improves blood circulation and passability of meridians, puts pleasant mood and heart, fills with energy and sexuality, returns a young condition of an organism, allows to achieve effect of prevention of oncological, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases of an organism.
Ancient traditions and new technologies. Two "treasures of health" in one product - double improving effect. Completion of physical forces and energy - rejuvenation of your life!
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Coffee from poppy and linchzh
Coffee from poppy and linchzh
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