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Color laminate for hair of Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor buy in Almaty
Buy Color laminate for hair of Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor
Color laminate for hair of Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor

Color laminate for hair of Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor

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We want to bring to your attention: Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor hair Colour laminateModel: v16

The set for hair of Original Henna Treatment is the system for care of the injured hair with henna extract from the Lombok brand consisting from restoring cream mask (Original LB Treatment Color Cream) and the laminating lotion (Mendi DLP Lotion). The restoring mask contains extract of henna which possesses the unique restoring properties. It regenerates a keratin layer of hair, humidifies, does hair strong, adds smoothness and healthy gloss, stimulates growth of hair. Extract of henna contains all complex of active ingredients of henna, but does not possess the painting properties of powder of henna therefore it can be used on hair of any shade, without being afraid of coloring of hair. The oil of grape seeds rich with nonsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E also is a part of a mask. Oil of grape seeds is well absorbed without feeling of fat content, restores the level of humidity of hair, increases elasticity and elasticity, interferes with fragility, eliminates effect of split ends. PEG-75 softens Lanolin as a part of a mask, moistens hair and gives them elasticity. The technology of lamination consists in a uniform covering of hair a polymeric film which envelops each hair, solders the exfoliated keratin scales, levels and smoothes a hair surface, does hair thicker, smooth, brilliant and obedient. Lamination has protective effect on hair - protects hair from loss of moisture, aggressive influence of the polluted air and sunlight. Lamination slows down washing away from hair of the painting pigments thanks to what a dyed hair keeps the saturated color and brightness longer. Are a part of the laminating lotion polikvaternium-7 and polikvaternium-10, polycationic polymers which neutralize a negative charge of the injured hair have the conditioning effect, promote disentangling and a hair straightening, remove an electrostatic charge, give additional volume and do them silky, smooth, easily giving in to laying. DL пантенол (B5 pro-vitamin), being a part of lotion, deeply gets into hair, humidifies and for a long time holds moisture, prevents a peresushivaniye and injury of hair. The hydrolyzed silk as a part of lotion deeply gets into structure of a hair, humidifies, gives the volume and silkiness, has antistatic effect. The system of a hair reconstruction improves structure of hair, restores the damaged sites of a cuticle of a hair and protects hair from various external influences. The system can be applied on any hair, and is especially effective for overdried, fragile, painted or brondirovanny, thin, confused and a hair, inclined to a raspushivaniye. The system of a hair reconstruction has accumulative effect and with each application does hair healthier, smooth and shining. Available the colourless laminating structure (Clear). Volume: 1 packing cream mask (500 g) and 1 packing of lotion (500 g)

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Color laminate for hair of Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor
Color laminate for hair of Lombok Original L.B Treatmentcolor
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