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Color PF-218 XC CAAH enamel, PF-218 GS buy in Pavlodar
Buy Color PF-218 XC CAAH enamel, PF-218 GS
Color PF-218 XC CAAH enamel, PF-218 GS

Color PF-218 XC CAAH enamel, PF-218 GS

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Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

Name: PF-218 XC enamel, PF-218 GS

Type: Materials one-packing on the basis of alkyd resins.


  • PF-218 XC (cold drying) - for coloring of internal inhabited, service and special premises of vessels of the unlimited navigation area;
  • PF-218 HD (hot drying) - for coloring of the devices, mechanisms and the equipment which are heating up in use to temperature is not higher 100ºС and established in the rooms stated above.

Description: PF-218 enamels are intended for coloring of rooms and the equipment to which increased requirements on fire danger are imposed. An index of distribution of a flame on a steel plate 3 mm thick - 0. A superficial inflammability of material - "slowly extending a flame". An indicator of combustibility of coverings enamels by a colorimetry technique To = 0,358.

Coverings enamel possess the increased moisture resistance, resistance to mineral oils, aviation gasolines.

Technical characteristics:

  • Color: white, light gray, pink, brownish-orange, salad, pale yellow, chartreuse, light blue or another at the request of the customer.
  • Film surface opaque.
  • Ways of drawing: pneumatic or airless dispersion, brush, roller.
  • Drying time to Art. 3:
  • at (20+2) ºС no more than 24 hours,
  • at (105+5) ºС no more than 4 hours.
  • Length of attenuation of a flame, mm, no more: 60.
  • Consumption of enamels on one layer: a brush, the roller 120 - 140 g/m2
  • Pneumatic, airless drawing 140 - 170 g/m2.
  • The recommended quantity of layers: 3.
  • Thickness of one layer: 18-24 microns.
  • Warranty period of storage: 18 months from the date of production.
  • Packing: according to GOST 9980.3 or in a container in coordination with the customer.

Thinner: white spirit

Cleaning of the tool: white spirit

Preparation of a surface: To clear a surface of metal of oils, dirt and dust. In the presence of a rust and scale a surface to clear in the abrazivostruyny way to degree not less than 2

Ways of drawing: pneumatic or airless dispersion, brush, roller.

Conditions when drawing: Before application after storage at negative temperatures of enamel to sustain within 24 hours at a temperature (20+2) ºС, it is good to mix to homogeneous mass. In need of enamel before application can be diluted with white spirit. Enamels apply on the prepared surface of the air protected at a temperature not below 5ºС and relative humidity of air is not higher than 80 has some. After drying of a layer of enamel (24 hours at 20ºС) the subsequent layers put.

Precautionary measures: Materials are flammable! Enamel is toxic.

Storage: To store enamels indoors in densely closed container, having excluded hit of direct sunshine on them and at a temperature minus 20ºС is not lower than moisture.

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Color PF-218 XC CAAH enamel, PF-218 GS
Color PF-218 XC CAAH enamel, PF-218 GS
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