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Buy Colposcope, video colposcope S-140 with digital video system
Colposcope, video colposcope S-140 with digital video system

Colposcope, video colposcope S-140 with digital video system

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Colposcope C - 140 with digital video system 

Colposcope C - 140 is a modern medical diagnostic device that meets all the highest requirements of practicing doctors in the field of gynecology.

Characteristics of the colposcope C - 140:

working distance 250 (180) mm

increase 3; 5; eight; 12; 20 (4; 7; 11; 18; 30) times 

diameter of the field of view 62 - 6.5 mm 

diopter adjustment of eyepieces ± 5 diopters 

interpupillary distance adjustment 56 - 74 mm 

illumination not less than 30,000 Lx 

distance from floor to axis of input lens: 1200 mm - 1000 mm 

weight 32 kg 

* in brackets is the variant of execution at the request of the customer

The colposcope is equipped with a fine focusing device (micromovement). When aiming at the object of study, fine focusing is performed by rotating the handle, while the colposcope head moves strictly along the observation axis. Fine focusing is especially necessary for working at high magnifications and working with a video system. The use of precision linear ball guides in the design of the precise aiming unit ensures the accuracy, smoothness and durability of the mechanism.

It is possible to supply C - 140 at choice with a working distance of 250 mm and an increase in x3, x5, x8, x12, x20 or a working distance of 180 mm and an increase in x4; x7; x11; x18; x30.

High - quality illumination optics maximize the concentration of the light flux in the observation plane and provides an evenly illuminated field of view with a clearly defined contour.

The ultra - bright LED used as a light source provides high illumination (at least 30,000 Lx) throughout the entire field of view and a long service life (MTBF of at least 20,000 hours).

The presence of a control grid on one of the eyepieces for adjusting the eyepieces to the peculiarities of the doctor's vision.

The C - 140 colposcope video capture button is located on a flexible cable attached to the colposcope head, which excludes the possibility of inadvertent physical impact on the colposcope head and, thus, eliminates the “blurring” of the image during shooting.

It is possible to supply the C - 140 colposcope with attachment to the Claire gynecological chair, without increasing the cost of the colposcope.

Advantages of the colposcope C - 140:

The optical elements of the colposcope C - 140 are made of high quality optical glass "SCHOTT" (Germany)

Smooth regulation of the luminous flux makes it possible to easily change the illumination level of the object, depending on the currently used magnification.

The introduced blue - green light filter significantly expands the diagnostic capabilities of the colposcope.

The working distance of 250 mm makes it easier to work with instruments during colposcopic observation, especially when taking aiming cytological samples.

The built - in system of stepwise change in magnification allows you to evaluate the observed object, both as a whole, and to conduct a detailed study of individual areas.

Quick - detachable eyecups allow you to work with the device with glasses.

Convenient mounting of the head on a spring - balanced arm allows you to easily adjust the height of the C - 140 colposcope relative to the floor, orient and move the head during examination. Floor base on castors with fixation.

Characteristics of the video system for the colposcope C - 140:

The video system is used in conjunction with the C - 140 colposcope to form a digital color image that can be observed on the monitor screen;

Structurally, the video system is made as an autonomous unit, which allows both installation and dismantling of the video system without disrupting the colposcope's performance. This design allows the colposcope to be supplemented with newer video systems during operation;

resolution in video mode - 1600x1200;

resolution in photo mode - up to 8 Mp;

power is supplied from a computer via a USB connector. Power consumption - no more than 0.15 W;

video matrix sensor size - 1/3 ";

video camera photosensitivity - 0.1 Lux;

overall dimensions of the TV adapter with a video camera (length x width x height) - no more than 160x45x80;

video attachment weight - no more than 0.4 kg.

Colposcope C - 140 software:

The LEDA program was developed with the participation of experienced, qualified gynecologists, taking into account all modern forms of examination used in gynecology, prior to colposcopy and diagnosis.

The program is very easy to use, easy to learn, visually attractive, has a friendly user interface.

The LEDA program is approved and used by many reputable gynecologists in different cities.

The LEDA program allows you to implement the following functions:

register patient appointments with full indication of individual information about them;

keep a patient register for each doctor with a separate list, having access to it only through a password;

keep the correct filling of the forms necessary for the examination: anamnesis, preliminary examination results, diagnosis, recommendations;

view images in real time on a computer monitor, save images obtained during the examination, as well as export them to external storage media;

reproduce archived images on a computer monitor or print on paper;

edit images: mark them as lines, circles, pie charts, text, compare images, export them to other folders;

print out a patient examination form containing all completed questions of anamnesis forms, examination results, diagnosis, recommendations, as well as a color image of the colposcopic picture;

keep a diary to record and view the times and dates of patient admission.


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Colposcope, video colposcope S-140 with digital video system
Colposcope, video colposcope S-140 with digital video system
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