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Complete K-59-SE distributing device

Complete K-59-SE distributing device

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CREWE represents the design consisting of the separate metal cases connected among themselves by means of bolted connections. In cases devices of a high voltage, and also devices of protection, management, measurement and alarm systems are installed. Cases of CREWE are intended for bilateral service at a single-row, double-row or multirow arrangement in substation and distributing devices. Cases of CREWE of all series have a rigid design which switches, tension transformers, current transformers, current carrying parts (combined tires and taps) are built in. In the top part of cases of CREWE relay cases with the built-in equipment of relay protection and automatic equipment (RZIA), the equipment of management, measurement and alarm system, klemmnik and chains of secondary connections are established. The case of CREWE consists of high-voltage part, a relay compartment and a sliding element of vykatny type.

The high-voltage part of a case by means of removable walls is divided into 4 compartments: compartment RZIA, compartment of a sliding element, linear compartment and compartment of combined tires. In a compartment of a sliding element the protective blinds closing access to power current carrying parts of CREWE at rolling-out of a sliding element in repair situation, guides of a sliding element and knots of its grounding and fixing in working and control situation settle down. In a linear compartment current transformers, the grounding disconnector and transformers of zero sequence are placed. The facade of a sliding element is a facade of a high-voltage case. The relay compartment has the door locked. For access to a linear compartment and a compartment of combined tires on the back party of a case the doors fixed by bolts are provided. For prevention of wrong actions of service personnel expeditious blocking are organized. Cases of cases K-59-SE provide embedding of vykatny elements (carts) in which switches, transformers of tension and the separating contacts (which are carrying out a role of disconnectors) are placed. The design of cases of K-59-SE and vykatny elements provides a possibility of their fixing in working and control provisions, and also their rolling-out from a case for audit and repair. As switching devices switches are used to cases of CREWE: low-oil, vacuum and gas-insulated. Transition of combined tires from chambers of the same kind to another is carried out by means of tire bridges. Shinny Bridge without disconnectors is established in any place of the distributing device. Shinny Bridge with two disconnectors is established only on extreme chambers of a row. The design of cases provides cable and tire input. The order of an arrangement of cases is defined in the questionnaire.

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Complete K-59-SE distributing device
Complete K-59-SE distributing device
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