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Complex "BioNutrition" 21 l

Complex "BioNutrition" 21 l

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandБиоЭраГрупп

Complex BioNutrition. Quadruple crop nutrition system

  • Mobilization of sparingly soluble compounds of potassium and phosphorus
  • Increases the efficiency of the main NPK feed
  • Nitrogen fixation and conversion to available nitrate forms
  • Accelerated growth of bacterial colonies - up to 3 times, due to the elective nutrient medium in the composition.

The complex is designed to process 10 hectares.

AgroVerm Master: Antidepressant - treatment of plants (frost, drought, herbicide stress, pest damage, etc. ) reduces the risk of crop loss. The plant quickly recovers from stress and at the same time continues its vegetation Does not clog nozzles (passes microfiltration of 80 microns) Increased immunity and resistance of plants to diseases. Yield growth by 5 - 35% High economic effect from the application After treatment of the leaf surface with the preparation, physiological and biochemical processes are intensified, which makes it possible to accelerate the passage of phenophases. Composition: Humic acids 30 g/l, fulvic acids 4 - 6 g/l, total C content 16% , amino acids 1.8% of C.

AgroVerm Fos + : In the form of spores and living cells, the microorganism enters the soil and develops in it, after which the strain effectively colonizes the rhizosphere of cultivated plants. Microorganism cells secrete organic acids and synthesize specific enzymes that convert insoluble phosphorus and potassium compounds in the soil into a water - soluble form, making them available to plants. Bacillus megaterium dissolves forms of soil phosphate and potassium compounds inaccessible to plants through the production of organic acids and phenolic compounds. Ingredients: metabolites and living cells of Bacillus megaterium 5 1 * 10 CFU

AgroVerm Nitro: Synthesizes the Nitrogen enzyme, which metabolizes atmospheric nitrogen and reduces N2 to ammonia NH3. forms a significant amount of biologically active substances: B vitamins, nicotinic and pantothenic acids, biotin, heteroauxin and gibberellin, which are growth stimulants for plants. synthesizes a fungistatic antibiotic of the anisomycin group, which inhibits the development of pathogenic fungi. effective against fungal organisms found on seeds and in soil from the genera Fusarium, Alternaria, Penicillium. Azotobacter, produces antifungal antibiotic substances. Compound: metabolites and living cells Azospirillum, Azotobacter 5 chroococcum 1 * 10 CFU Nitrogen - fixing bacteria use mineral and organic compounds bound in the soil (ammonium salts, nitrous acid, urea, etc. ), converting them during nitrification into available nitrate forms of nitrogen, which are quickly absorbed by plants . Mechanism of action: Efficiency of application is higher on soils at pH 6.2 - 8.3

Bacterial growth factor "StartUpBio"  Increases the number of surviving bacteria by 3 times after application. StartUpBio: Reduces nutritional deficiencies in the early stages of bacterial colonization by enhancing root colonization. Improves adhesion of bacteria to the surface of seeds and roots. Composition: elective nutrient medium for bacteria Azotobacter chroococcum, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis.

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Complex "BioNutrition" 21 l
Complex "BioNutrition" 21 l
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