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Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800 buy in Astana
Buy Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800
Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800

Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАгромастер
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Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800

The combined sowing complex "AGRATOR DK" to belong to the category of the combined sowing units of diskokultivatorny type.
It is applied to simultaneous carrying out improved the main (on depth to 15 cm) and preseeding processing of the soil and an eddish, sowing of grain crops under a cultivator paw with a simultaneous boronovaniye and a prikatyvaniye.

1. When carrying out direct crops on fields with a large number of the vegetable remains, sites after grubostebelny cultures, opened mnogoleten and deposits.
2. At the European "intensive minimum technology" intended for receiving a harvest over 45 c/hectare. This technology demands intensive cutting of the soil, high-quality seal of the vegetable remains, equal and uniform agrofon.

1. The main surface treatment of the soil on depth to 15 cm with the built-in 2-row diskatorny block.
2. Alignment of the soil shtrigelem-harrow.
3. Preseeding processing of the soil powerful cultivator paws on spring racks. Formation seed bed.
4. Crops grain and application of fertilizers by a wide strip in 15 cm under a cultivator paw.
5. Postsowing leveling and boronovaniye three-row spring harrow.
6. Prikatyvany strips of crops by individual pneumatic skating rinks or spiral skating rink.

The sowing complex "AGRATOR DK" is developed on the basis of a diskokultivator "Kombimaster" and the sowing Agromaster complexes, with broad unification of knots of these units.

"AGRATOR DK" .primenyatsya at more intensive technology of cultivation, than direct crops on an eddish. It "intensive minimum technology" on which the countries of Europe work. The improved cutting of the soil, more uniform and qualitative agrofon, and also the raised doses of fertilizers allow to receive steadily on this technology more than 45 c/hectare. Besides "AGRATOR DK" is irreplaceable on sites with the big remains of vegetation, and also on fields after long-term herbs, virgin soils, sites after corn and sunflower. The two-row heavy diskator located ahead of cultivator paws makes intensive preliminary cutting, and the three-row arrangement of cultivator paws on spring racks perfectly copes with the most complex challenge.

When developing "AGRATOR DK" the combined units of the famous European producers were taken as a basis.

"AGRATOR DK" is the excellent unit for carrying out sowing winter. Sowing winter to be made for the unique pass on a sternevy background with the cleaned or scattered straw.

"AGRATOR DK" is effective when processing the soil. It completely replaces various special soil-cultivating cars like diskator, sternevy cultivators, etc. Quality of processing of the soil turns out much better, than at a 4-row diskator as a basis of a sowing complex is diskokultivatr "Kombimaster".

The model range of the combined sowing complexes "AGRATOR DK" can be aggregated with all types of tractors of domestic and import production.

"AGRATOR DK" is one of the best cars for processing of the soil and crops. The unit has a simple and reliable design, in a design already processed knots and serially mastered best accessories are applied. For this reason "AGRATOR DK" is inexpensive and economic in operation.

"AGRATOR-DK" - is the combined compound unit and consists of several modules: two-row disk unit, cultivator seeder, hook-on pneumatic or hinged mechanical bunker.

1. Two-row disk unit.
It is unified with disk DISCOMASTER units.
The spherical cut-out disks with a diameter of 560 mm. The Spanish firm of Belott provide necessary cutting of an eddish even at a large number of the vegetable remains. The vegetable remains mix up with the soil and are closed up on processing depth. Individual installation of each disk prevents clogging by the vegetable remains. Separate adjustment of each number of disks allows to change intensity of cutting and depth of processing. Unlike other disk units on a diskokultivator the strengthened bearing knots of disks are applied and deformation of a persistent washer and failure of a carving of an axis of bearing knot are completely eliminated (more detailed information you can learn on the DISCOMASTER page).

2. Cultivator sowing complex (seeder).
It is unified with the mechanical and pneumatic sowing Agromaster complexes.
After processing by disk working bodies cultivator paws of the sowing module carry out additional loosening and high-quality cutting of the soil, prepare an ideal and equal seed bed. Roots of plants, seeds of weeds, fruit drop are taken out on a surface and there perish. Spring racks in operating time make fluctuations that in addition improves quality of processing of the soil. Powerful spring racks from steel 60C2XA and the arm with the two-spring shock-absorber reliably protects paws from breakages at arrivals on firm objects and stones.
Seeds and fertilizers arrive from the universal bunker on semyaprovoda and are sowed under a cultivator paw by a strip of 12-15 cm.
The built-in three-row spring harrow levels the soil, in addition loosens lumps, creates the mulching layer of earth over seeds, the harrow is not hammered and self-cleans.
The back arriving device on pneumatic skating rinks of automobile type effectively arrives the soil and creates reliable contact of seeds with the soil that provides ideal viability of seeds. Only the strip of crops is arrived, row-spacings remain not rolled that improves air exchange, suppresses growth of weeds and that is especially important, completely eliminates a siccation and formation of a soil crust! It should be noted that the design of the arriving AGROMASTER module is difficult in comparison with the simplified arriving devices of sowing complexes of other producers
(including foreign), but researches and practice showed that it is only an effective design which can provide the guaranteed conditions for development of plants. "Agromaster" consciously made a choice for this, more difficult, designs of the basic arriving device. The result in the form of a harvest and profits which will be got as a result by the agricultural producer is important.

3. The bunker for seeds and fertilizers.
Depending on width of capture the hook-on pneumatic or hinged mechanical bunker is used.
Sowing complexes capture up to 6 meters wide are completed with the hinged bunker with mechanical system of seeding. Sowing complexes capture over 6 meters wide are completed with the hook-on bunker with pneumatic system of seeding.
The bunker are divided into 2 compartments: compartment of seeds and compartment of fertilizers and
are completed with own screw loader with the drive from a tractor hydraulic system.

Technology of a big crop

The sowing complexes "AGRATOR DK" are completed with own screw loader with the drive from a tractor hydraulic system.

Adjustment of depth of processing is carried out by means of the screw mechanism on the forward dyshl of the unit and by means of regulation of depth of the course of the arriving skating rink. Adjustment of depth of a skating rink is carried out by shift of a finger in adjusting openings. For change of depth of processing enough 5 minutes are also not required special devices.

Transportation is carried out by means of back transport wheels. Transfer to transport situation is also back carried out by means of hydraulic cylinders.

1. Combination of all operations on processing, preparation of the soil and crops for one pass. For one pass of "AGRATOR DK" carries out the main processing of the soil, preseeding preparation of the soil, alignment, crops of seeds and fertilizers, dyeing of a blanket, a boronovaniye, a prikatyvaniye.
2. High productivity. The intensive technology which is provided by application of the sowing complexes "AGRATOR DK" allows to increase productivity 1,5-2 times.
3. Economic efficiency. "AGRATOR DK" allows to lower costs of processing of the soil and preseeding preparation of the soil in comparison with traditional technology by 3-4 times. At application of "AGRATOR DK" cost of production of grain does not exceed 1500 rub/t instead of 4000 rub/t.
4. Combines advantages of disk and cultivator tools. Provides the best cutting of the soil. Disk bodies perfectly undress an eddish, crush the remains and undress them. Cultivator bodies provide uniform loosening of a sowing layer.
5. Simple adjustment of depth of processing by means of the arriving skating rink.
6. Low price and low operational expenses.

1. A powerful frame from carbonaceous steel 09G2S. Welding in the environment of mix of carbon dioxide and argon.
Disks with a diameter of 560 mm of the Spanish firm "Belotta".
2. The strengthened bearing knots of fastening of the processing disks.
3. Ploskorezny cultivator paws and spring racks from steel 60C2XA.
4. Dvukhpruzhiny shock-absorber safety lock of fastening of cultivator racks.
5. The built-in arriving skating rink of a special design. The strengthened bearings of fastening of a skating rink of the German firm SKF.
6. Hydraulic cylinders with threefold consolidation and the Italian hydraulics with ring sealants.


Capture width,
Weight, kg Quantity of disks Quantity kultivat-x paws Tractor power is required
AGRATOR DK - 2400 * 2,4 2,4 1100 12 8 82 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 3200 * 3,2 3,2 1600 16 10 120 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 4200 4,2 4,2 2100 22 14 150 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 5400 5,4 5,4 2400 24 18 200 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 6600 6,6 6,6 2900 30 22 220 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 7200 7,2 7,2 3300 34 24 250 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 8500 8,5 8,8 3700 40 28 300 h.p.
AGRATOR DK - 9800 9,8 9,8 3900 44 32 400 h.p.

* - The loading screw is not provided in a complete set

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Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800
Complex diskokultivatorny sowing Agrator DK - 9800
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