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Sapaly-Ts LLP realizes composite fittings with a sandy covering of the different amount of own production

The fittings are composite fiberglass

is analog traditional metal fittings. Manufacture these fittings on the basis of fiber glass.

The polymeric fittings according to characteristics, than do not concede metal, and conform to all modern requirements.

Production of composite fiberglass fittings is conducted with use of high technologies, and all meets the modern quality standards. Appearance of nonmetallic fittings not strongly differs from its metal analog. On length the fittings are not limited, and here diameter it no more than 20 mm, the fittings of the big sizes are manufactured under the order.

Coupling with concrete at this type of fittings is carried out at the microlevel, on all surface of a reinforcing core, at the expense of a sandy covering. What provides increase in strength of a stseleniye with concrete at 20-30%, the polymeric fittings reduce the price of expenses under the article "fittings" for 25-35%.

Ease reduces the cost and speed of transportation, loading unloading, work on laying (it is cut boltorezy, nippers, and big diameters by the Bulgarian).

Characteristics of composite fiberglass fittings

  • Durability on a bend and stretching increased – 1300 MPas;
  • Tensile strength is three times higher, than at similar metal A3 fittings (390 MPas);
  • Fittings corrosion-resistant and steady against the alkaline environment of concrete;
  • Lengthening of fittings, at stretching, makes 5-10%;
  • Nonflammability;
  • Low heat conductivity;
  • Is dielectric;
  • Radiotransparent;
  • Immunity to influence of electromagnetic fields;
  • Works at temperatures from-70 to +100 °C; Disintegration Temperature in concrete about + 200C; Nanofittings to +350s.temperatura disintegration of concrete from + 200C.
  • Immunity to influence of chemicals (to sea, ammoniac water; to hydrochloric, sulfuric, ftoristovodorodny acid);
  • Service life about 100 years;
  • 9-10 times less than the metal fittings weigh.

Thanks to these characteristics, use of composite fittings in construction,

significantly considerably reduces the final cost of construction. Also taking into account features

this material, reduces the number of repairs of the operated building.


According to design decisions the composite fittings should be used:

In construction engineering construction:

  • Bases of buildings and constructions
  • Repair and strengthening of the bearing ability of brick and reinforced concrete designs

In industrial construction:

  • Reinforcing of concrete capacities, storages of treatment facilities, covers of sewer wells
  • Elements of infrastructure of chemical productions
  • Reinforcing of concrete floors
  • Designs of hydraulic engineering constructions

In road construction:

  • Strengthening of a roadbed
  • Support of a contact network
  • Plates are road, airfield, serobetonny

At a bridge building and repair of bridges:

  • Plates of a bridge flooring
  • Bridge protections
  • Walking paths
  • Strengthening of coastal constructions

In railway construction:

  • As a part of concrete cross ties for high-speed trains and the subway.
  • Comparison of composite fittings with analogs
  • Technical characteristics

    Composite fittings bazaltoplastik

    Composite fittings fibreglass


    from carbonaceous AV steel

    Fittings from stainless steel

    1. Durability
    on stretching, MPa





    2. Heat conductivity





    3. Density, g/cm3





    4. Module of elasticity, GPA





    Safety indicators:
    1. Conductivity

    is established in the wide range

    does not install electrical equipment

    carries out


    carries out


    2. Magnetic

    it is not magnetized

    it is not magnetized

    it is magnetized

    it is not magnetized

    3. Fire resistance, 0C

    to 300

    to 150

    to 600

    to 600

    4. Corrosion and
    chemical stability

    very high




    High durability of fittings on stretching provides to vozmozhnostzamenit metal fittings composite with the smaller size of diameter.

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Composite fittings
Composite fittings
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