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Conditioners are columned

Columned conditioners are in great demand thanks to variety of models and types, depending on the room, everyone can pick up the conditioner of this type which is most satisfying both on functional and for design data.

Because of big power the conditioner of columned type has rather large dimensions, but the large weight of such conditioner considerably simplifies and reduces the price of installation as does not demand special fixing to a surface. The same reasons of appearance do columned conditioners simple in service as it is much simpler to carry out various technical works with such unit which is on a floor.

Split system of columned type - ideal option for large populous rooms where there is a need of maintenance of the most equal temperature.

Use of columned conditioners

Conditioners of columned type in the majority are mounted and with success are used in places of public appointment:

  • Shopping centers and shops;
  • Restaurants, bars and cafe;
  • Movie theaters;
  • and other populous rooms.

Split system of this kind well will approach in places where installation of other types of central airs demanding difficult installation of the room interfering with interior features is impossible.

Conditioners of columned type: device

Split system columned are established on a floor, the power of system - from 7,5 to 50 kW, the internal block of the conditioner reminds a column.

In high-quality modern conditioners of columned type the highly effective powerful compressor thanks to which, air indoors is cooled or heats up to the set temperature during a short period works. Depending on temperature changes in the room, the optimum speed of an air stream automatically is established by the microprocessor which is built in columned a Split system.

When the filter of the columned conditioner needs cleaning, on the display the indicator signaling that it is time to make it and if in operation of the conditioner of columned type failures go will light up, then self-diagnostics function will automatically be started.

It is possible to change the direction and the angle of swing of blinds that will allow to create the most comfortable microclimate in your room, for example, having sent an air stream to a neutral zone, far away from someone's working room not to allow overcooling. The electrostatic filter dust collector which is built in some models is capable to detain in air the smallest parts of dust, thereby also purifying air indoors.

The columned conditioner is operated with the help of the remote control, and from the panel of the internal block. One of remarkable features of conditioners of columned type is air supply: the given air spreads up, and further slowly falls down. Such principle allows to capture the area of all room as much as possible.

Columned Split system: merits and demerits

Advantages of conditioners of columned type can be listed long, the most important:

  • Lack of need of difficult expensive installation;
  • Conditioning of the big areas;
  • Set of variations of the most modern designs;
  • Big scope: restaurants, shopping centers, banks and so on;
  • Comfortable air supply;
  • Big power.

As well as any other device, the conditioner of columned type possesses several shortcomings:

  • Big sizes;
  • Lack of a possibility of supply of fresh air;
  • Because of strong power, at close stay to the place of continuous finding of people, it is possible to catch a cold easily.

Conditioners of columned type: installation

Movement and the Split systems installation of columned type should be trusted only the experts understanding this sphere, the conditioner has large dimensions and to establish it is independently very problematic and it is dangerous. Pay attention to the set parameters of electric characteristics of the device, power supply network parameters to rooms have to correspond to them strictly. In general, as it was already mentioned above, installation of conditioners of columned type does not differ in the increased complexity, especially for qualified specialists.

Care of the columned conditioner

It is no secret that timely scheduled maintenance and elimination of technical malfunctions of central airs considerably prolong their service life, it is important not to forget that each type of the conditioner has the features in this case.

The case of the columned conditioner as required needs to be wiped with dry soft fabric. In case of strong pollution of the case of the conditioner - accurately wipe it with damp fabric.

In such public places as restaurants, clubs, banks - central airs work with the raised loading. A Split systems of columned type established indoors with active attendance regular monthly maintenance of the internal block is necessary, and time it is necessary to carry out seasonal maintenance to half a year.

Cleaning of the filter needs to be carried out in each 300 business hours.

At care of the columned conditioner it is contraindicated to use alkaline and acid detergents or solvents.

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Conditioners are columned
Conditioners are columned
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