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Console medical KMP-SMV-1000 series buy in Almaty
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Console medical KMP-SMV-1000 series

Console medical KMP-SMV-1000 series

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The console medical the KMP - SMV - 1000 series is used to usability in departments to patients, in chambers, rooms for medical procedures, postoperative chambers, intensive care units and surgery for compact placement of medical equipment, and giving the chance quickly and safely to be connected to sources of the compressed gases and vacuum. Each console consists of dry and wet parts. The dry part provides access to medical ventilators, the patient's monitor, an aspirator and others to small medical devices. The wet part provides support for infuzomat, spray pumps and to others of medical means for care of the patient.

Different types of suspension bridges have different functions. Main functions:

  • Movement of functional elements is horizontal or rotation for movement funktsional ny elements;
  • Serves as the intermediate channel for medical gas, vacuum, power supply and communications (phone, a call of medical staff and the personal computer network); providing different clips on a crossbeam and the bearing mast;
  • Placement and installation of different medical devices and tools on a platform; ease in work with 3D position of devices in chamber.
  • Depending on use, it can be classified on such specialized ceiling suspensions: Models - KMP - SMV - 1010; KMP - SMV - 1015; KMP - SMV - 1020; KMP - SMV - 1025. In a set

Ceiling "Bridge" consoles are an absolute analog of medical consoles on support. The difference between them consists only in a way of fastening: consoles on support fasten to a floor, and ceiling – to a ceiling. Such type of consoles, as a rule, is applied if medical gases and an electrical wiring are indoors carried out from above.
At the same time, as well as in a case with consoles on support, an opportunity at the request of the customer to change a basic complete set of the console by means of additional elements remains: elements of electric and gas sections (valves, plugs, sockets, ward alarm system and other)

Possibilities of Ceiling medical consoles
All materials pass careful tests for ensuring optimum safety. The integrated high - strength materials from an aluminum alloy with
anticorrosive processing. The system of supply of medical gases and power cables is installed in a distribution rack separately for safety. The electric drive works quickly, steadily and softly On the console it is possible to place the additional equipment weighing up to 200 kg due to use of a strong design and special "rail" for movement on the console of specially developed prefixes (shelves, holders, v. t. ch. for infusion solutions and bottles, etc. ). At the same time the crossing movements of prefixes with surgical and anesthesiology tools and the equipment are excluded.
At the choice of the client the medical operational console can be completed with the following quick disconnect gas valves: medical gases (nitrous oxide (N2O), compressed air, oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2)), vacuum and power supply system. Outside the Medical console is covered with antibacterial panels. Medical consoles ensure the maximum safety of the patient as the plug of one gas cannot be connected to the valve of another. Valves and plugs of each gas have the form (lock), other than another, and are designated in the different flowers. Thus, the patient is completely protected from a random error of medical staff. Availability of the back panel from steel. protects channels of gases and electricity and provides easy access if necessary, and also it is easily processed by disinfecting solutions.

Type Length of a crossbeam (mm) Situation at installation of the gas output connector The maximum stability under loading (kg) Distance of horizontal movement (mm)
KMP - SMV - 1010;
KMP - SMV - 1015
2200/2800 Crossbeam One - rod suspended fixing bracket Two - rod suspended fixing bracket 620
100 100
CP6500 2800 The bearing mast (bar)

Wet party


Dry party




Handling medium
Range of ambient temperature + 10 °C - + 40 °C
Range of relative humidity
Range of atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 160 kPa
General performance data
Power supply. Alternating current 198 - 242B 50gts/60gts


Name Quantity
Standard complete set:
1 Basis fixture of a cross beam 1
2 Cross beam 2800 (CP6500) 1
3 Cross beam 2800 (CP6500) 1
4 Main body (700 - 12) 1
5 Main body (horizontal - 12) 1
6 Platform 600/400/Q 1
7 Drawer (advanced) 500/400/140 1
8 O2 exit (GSO) + socket 1
9 Air exit (GSO) + socket 2
10 VAC exit (GSO) + socket 2
11 Support two - lever (300mmkh2) 2
12 European socket (16AC250V) 2
13 Equipotential terminal 14
Additional complete set
14 Racks for fastenings of supports, holders of monitors, infuzomat  
15 Video terminal  
16 Multimedia terminal  
17 Network interface  
18 TV - exit  
19 Electric sockets  
20 Manometers for gases: O2, AIR, VAC, N2O * , CO2 * * , AGSS *  
21 Pneumo - oxygenators * * *  
22 Tubes for oxygen inhalation * * *  
23 Vacuum suctions * * *  
24 Tubes of negative pressure * * *  
25 Humidifier adapter block * * *  
26 Basket * * *  
27 Support * * *  
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Console medical KMP-SMV-1000 series
Console medical KMP-SMV-1000 series
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