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Construction blocks - a fixed timbering. buy in Kostanaj
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Construction blocks - a fixed timbering.

Construction blocks - a fixed timbering.

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Kazakhstan, Kostanaj
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  • BrandТеплый Дом Костанай
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Walls of the house 10 x 10 m will manage in 480 000 tg. it is 1,5 - 2 times cheaper than from a gas concrete.

Technology of "A fixed timbering" is one of modern and inexpensive technologies of housing construction, allowing to build structures from one-storeyed cottages, baths, dachas and garages to three-storeyed apartment houses and public objects.

In fact walls of the house will consist of the monolithic reinforced concrete, and from two parties are warmed by the most popular thermal insulation - polyfoam which is applied for 80% of all buildings and which warm houses from a brick, a gas concrete, etc. Only in our case it turns out cheaper because concrete prepares on a building site at once, construction terms due to simplicity of installation of blocks decrease and further we go huge economy on heating at the expense of double thermal insulation of walls.

The weight of the block is 0,7 kg
Concrete consumption – 0,112 m3 on 1 sq.m of a wall
Expense of fittings (Ø 8-12) from 3 to 6 kg/sq.m

The comparative table of a consumption of material on 100 sq.m of a wall (the house of 10 m x 10 m height is 2,75 m):

Fixed timbering:
1. The block of a fixed timbering – 400 pieces x 900 tg. = 360000 tg.
2. Concrete – 11,2 m3 x 7000 = 78400 tg. (concrete cost - at the rate of its preparation on a building site)
3. Fittings – 400 kg. x 100 tg. = 40000 tg.
Total: 478400 tg.

1. Gas-block of 400 mm. – 42 m3 x 18000 tg. = 756000 tg.
2. Glue – 60 meshes. x 950 tg. = 57000 tg.
3. A heater (min. cotton wool) – 100 sq.m x 675 tg. = 67500 tg.
Total: 880500 tg.

The cost of expenses of material at construction from a brick is, as a rule, higher than from a gas concrete by 2-2,5 times. Expenses on work, also above, in view of more labor-intensive process.

The main advantages of this technology are:

1. PRIIMUShchESTV of this technology is ONE OF the MAIN further ENERGY EFFICIENCY of BUILDINGS. Expenses on heating and conditioning of structures from a fixed timbering it is reduced by 2 - 3 times, due to high technical characteristics on walls. Wall heat transfer resistance makes R=2.6-2.9 sq.m of blocks With \W. For achievement of it R thickness of walls respectively has to be: from a brick of 1,6 m, from concrete of 5,0 m, from a pine of 0,62 m.

2. ECONOMY ON the COST of WALL MATERIALS. The cost of one sq.m of a wall from a polystyrene foam timbering of our system is 3 times lower than a wall from a brick, by 1,5-2 times of a wall from a gas concrete.

3. DECREASE in TERMS of CONSTRUCTION. The same area of a wall is built 6 times quicker than a brick, is 3 times faster than gas-concrete blocks. In this regard labor costs of builders it is reduced by 2 - 3 times.

4. ECONOMY AT WORKS. The technology of "A fixed timbering" allows to do without application of heavy construction equipment and to use personnel of average qualification without damage to quality of construction.

5. LIGHTWEIGHT of WALLS. 320 kg \sq.m against 900 kg \sq.m of a brick wall, only 50 cm thick that allows to cut repeatedly expenses on the base of the building, and also to build floors over old buildings which bases do not maintain additional loading.

6. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIAL. Make disposable tableware, packing for vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, and also a beehive for bees of the expanded polystyrene applied in production of a timbering.

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Construction blocks - a fixed timbering.
Construction blocks - a fixed timbering.
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