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Construction of the fast-built buildings in Almaty order in Almaty
Order Construction of the fast-built buildings in Almaty
Construction of the fast-built buildings in Almaty

Construction of the fast-built buildings in Almaty

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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The most economic and fast option of construction of cottages, townhouses and others a structure to 5 floors. The ISOHOUSE - the Economic and Safe House. Favourably. The house on both sides dressed in "fur coat" from polyfoam is so well isolated from the ambient temperature as far as it in general is acceptable for housing construction. High thermal insulation of walls saves funds for payment of heating and conditioning. Taking into account constantly growing energy costs - it is not so small money. Quickly. You will build the house on this modern technology very quickly. Quicker than the house, similar by the sizes, but built by old antiquated methods. For example, two workers will build a box of the one-storeyed house the area 100-150m2 in a week. And, the big sizes the object, the is more prize in construction speed. Reliably. In this house there will be able to live your children and grandsons. As all building is built as a uniform monolith from reinforced concrete, such design is not afraid of earthquakes and is recommended to use in seismodangerous areas. And according to construction standards service life of such designs more than 120 years. Quietly. Under protection of two layers of expanded polystyrene your family will be relieved of noise of the nearby highway, railway station, the airport and violent neighbors. And you will forget about the headaches, a stress and other nervous breakdowns connected with city noise. All this thanks to high sound insulation of walls - 46 DB. It is spacious. The monolithic house with a fixed timbering is much more spacious, than the usual house built on the same base by the sizes. If to compare two houses 10kh10m, but to walls, different in width: one of them width of a wall has 25 cm and it monolithic (more reliable), and at other house - 54 cm, from a brick. It turns out that thick brick walls "ate" nearly 11 sq.m of an actual living space. Cheaper. The cost of construction of one square meter of a wall from a fixed timbering is equal (and sometimes below), costs of the cheapest method of construction - a framework from reinforced concrete columns with melkoshtuchny filling (the keramzitny block). And you receive the monolithic reliable house, with unique operational characteristics. Besides you get the following economic advantages reducing the final cost of housing: Economy on a base construction. Reinforced concrete walls in a polystyrene foam timbering at the expense of small weight create considerably smaller specific load of the base. Therefore for such walls it is possible to construct less massive, so more economic views of the bases. The weight of walls without external and internal finishing - 280-300 kg/sq.m. Work on construction of a wall in a fixed timbering cannot cost much. Economy on finishing of the building.
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Construction of the fast-built buildings in Almaty
Construction of the fast-built buildings in Almaty
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