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Coordinate and boring machine 2D450AF10

Coordinate and boring machine 2D450AF10

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia
One-rack-mount vertical coordinate and boring the machine with electronic otschetno-measuring system mod.2d450af10prednaznachen for processing of openings with an exact arrangement of axes in rectangular system of coordinates and fair milling along axes of coordinates. On the machine the marking and control of the linear sizes can be carried out. -
The universal rotary table delivered with the machine allows to make processing of the openings set in polar system of coordinates, and also mutually perpendicular and inclined openings and planes. -
The machine is intended for work in tool and mechanical shops of engineering plants in the conditions of a single, small-scale and mass production of exact details without special equipment. -
The machine is created on the basis of the coordinate and boring machine mod.2d450 and has the following constructive differences: -
  • the electronic otschetno-measuring system (including optoelectronic incremental LIR-9, UChPU NC210 or NC220 sensors) instead of optical otschetny devices -
  • ball screw couples instead of gear and rack transfers -
  • adjustable high-moment electric motors of a direct current in drives of movements of a table and a sled instead of simple adjustable electric motors of a direct current and worm reducers, besides the machine has execution with the digital electric drives of alternating current and servomotors of alternating current providing high speed and high precision of regulation of speed of drives of giving and the main drive -
  • the electric equipment of the machine, and also the machine panel and its governing bodies are executed similar to the machine mod.2e450a30. -
Delivery set -
  1.  - Machine assembled
  2.  - An electrocase with the top distributing
  3.  - Tool case
  4.  - UChPU NC210 or NC220 device.
  5.  - Set of the tool and accessories, including::
  • - a draw-in attachment with a set of grips -
  • - the boss drilling the 3rd cam -
  • - the boss thread-cutting -
  • - the boss of boring -
  • - plugs transitional for the tool with Morse's cone and a pad -
  • - plugs transitional for the tool with Morse's cone and carving otv. -
  • - mandrels for mounted face mills -
  • - a set of the modular boring tool -
  • - a core spring -
the center adjusting - -
  • - opravka-tsentroiskatel-
  • - a microscope center-finder assembled with a microscope derzhavka -
  • - a center-finder with the indicator -
  • - a set of cutters boring -
  • - a set of drills spiral -
  • - a set of development machine -
  • - a set of mills trailer -
  • - set of taps machine
  1.  - A table universal rotary delitelny with a diameter of faceplate of 400 mm.
  2.  - Table rectangular 400kh320mm.

Technical characteristics -
Coordinate and boring the machine - 2D450AF10


Machine accuracy class And
Sizes of a working surface of a table, mm

The greatest movement of a table, mm -
longitudinal -

Number of T-shaped grooves 7
Distance between grooves, mm 90
Width of a groove, mm 14
Distance from a spindle end face to a working surface of a table, mm -
the greatest -
the smallest

The greatest course of a sleeve of a spindle, mm 270
Departure of a spindle, mm 710
Spindle cone 45 GOST 15945
Limits of frequency of rotation of a spindle, mines 10... 2000
Number of speeds of a spindle 24
Limits of working giving of a spindle, mm/min. 1,2.... 400
Number of working giving of a spindle 26
Speed of movement of a shpindelny box, m/min 3,2
Speed of working movement of a table, mm/min. 2,5... 6000
Number of working speeds of movement of a table 13
Speed of fast movement of a table, m/min 8
The allowed mass of the processed product, kg 600
The greatest torque on a spindle. Nanometer 200
The largest diameter of drilling in steel, mm 30
Discretization of counting of coordinates on axes X, Y 0,001
UTsI device type LIR-520
Type of sensors on H,U axes LIR-9
The total area in the plan occupied by the machine and the added equipment, sq.m 15,5
Overall dimensions of the machine, mm -
length -
width -

The mass of the machine (without elekgroshkaf and accessories), kg 7900
Power supply of the machine is carried out from the three-phase alternating current main of 380B, 50 Hz
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Coordinate and boring machine 2D450AF10
Coordinate and boring machine 2D450AF10
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