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Moist coupler of a floor in the mechanized way ― a modern way of laying of cement and sand solution. By means of new technologies and the special equipment supply of moist cement and sand solution happens directly to the place of laying. The minimum quantity of water in a moist coupler allows to be formed quickly to a cement stone and in the shortest possible time to receive ideally equal floor without cracks and defects under any kind of a floor covering. The moist coupler of a floor does not shrink in the mechanized way. To reduce education level of cracks and manifestation of a shrinkable factor we add to mix polypropylene fibrovolokno, and also additional components – softeners, granite elimination.

At the device of cement and sand couplers carry out the following technological operations:

- removal of marks of a clean floor,
― preparation of solution by means of a pneumofeeder,
― supply of solution for installation of beacons,
― installation of beacons from solution,
― supply of solution for the main massif of a coupler,
― solution leveling by the rule on beacons,
― cutting of deformation seams,
― surface zatirka,
― nakryty the jammed surface a steamproof film.

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