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Cream anti-cellulite "Form A" 1006

Cream anti-cellulite "Form A" 1006

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДон
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
Extract of seaweed of fucus (lipolysis) accelerates splitting of fats, improves microcirculation and raises skin tone.
Oil fir
improves blood circulations in problem zone. As a result the metabolism with removal of excess liquid and products of metabolism from fabrics in vascular bed amplifies. Besides, fir oil - natural antiseptic agent, perfectly copes with different inflammatory processes on skin and in the subject fabrics.
improves microblood circulation in hypodermic cellulose and strengthens "combustion" of fats. Caffeine increases elasticity and elasticity of fabrics.
Essential oil of cinnamon
has the warming effect thanks to improvement of blood circulation in the field of influence, increases elasticity of fabrics.
Essential oil of lemon
strengthens tonic effect of caffeine and extract of seaweed. Has own anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, improves appearance of skin.
CO2-extract of horsetail
strengthens processes of lipolysis (splitting of fats), considerably reduces puffiness of fabrics, and also possesses tonic action on skin.
CO2-extract of red pepper
thanks to the warming and reflex action increases exchange processes in hypodermic cellulose and consequently, and "combustion" of fats.
CO2-extract of horse-chestnut
possesses the fine strengthening action on walls of capillaries. As a result puffiness of problem zones decreases, elasticity of connecting fabric of hypodermic cellulose increases.
Cedar oil
has the fine moistening and softening effect on skin, and also slows down aging processes (antioxidant action). In clinical practice regenerator (wound healing) properties of cedar oil are highly appreciated.
Ultra-violet filters protect skin from harmful effects of sunlight, preventing burns and peeling.

  • Cream considerably improves appearance, creates body contours (tightens and strengthens fabrics, levels structure of skin):
    active natural components improve local blood circulation, hypodermic lymphatic drainage;
    accelerate processes of splitting of fats of hypodermic cellulose, interfere with aging of skin;
    interfere with emergence and promote reduction of effect of "orange crust";
    promote removal of products of cellular metabolism from intercellular space owing to what decrease puffiness and roughnesses of problem zones;
  • cream protects from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, promoting manifestation of more equal suntan.
  • shows good anti-inflammatory action (effect of fir and cedar oils).
  • looks after skin, humidifying and feeding it.

    Extract of seaweed of fucus, oil fir, caffeine, essential oil of cinnamon, essential oil of lemon, horsetail CO2-extract, CO2-extract of red pepper, horse-chestnut CO2-extract, cedar oil, ultra-violet filters.


    100 ml

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Cream anti-cellulite "Form A" 1006
Cream anti-cellulite "Form A" 1006
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