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Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale buy in Aktobe
Buy Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale
Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale

Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale

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Technical characteristics
  • Breed of crushed stoneGravelly
Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale

Gravel crushed stone

Gravel crushed stone — the crushed stone received by a proseivaniyakaryernoyporoda and also by crushing of a natural kamennoyskala. On prochnostigraviyny crushed stone to ustupayetgranitny crushed stone, but there are also advantages — a radioactive background its usually very low and the price is lower, than on granite.

Gravel crushed stone is applied to base works, to concrete, in production of concrete goods, at a construction of roads.

There are two types of gravel crushed stone:

  • Chipped crushed stone is usual natural or shredded,
  • Gravel is roundish pebbles, usually river or sea origin.

There are following fractions of gravel crushed stone: 3-10 mm, 5-20 mm, 5-40 mm, 20-40 mm.

Gravel crushed stone is widely applied as filler to concrete:

Gravel crushed stone is applied to production of the reinforced and not reinforced concrete. Crushed stone has the acute-angled form or a rough surface, in it there are practically no organic impurity and various dust-like particles. Exactly thanks to these qualities it perfectly plays a filler role for concrete. Crushed stone gravel is used also in production of products from reinforced concrete.

Crushed stone gravel is used in base works, in a construction of roads - road construction of highways as construction material for coverings and foundation of roads.

Artificial gravel and crushed-stone mix is used for a bed of a railway track, construction, etc.

Use of gravel and gravel crushed stone in construction:

Gravel crushed stone is the main substitute of granite - material cheaper, at rather high rates.

Gravel crushed stone, fractions of 3-10 mm, is often used as decorative material. To them pour out paths in parks, pass beaches in private possession and so on. On such crushed stone it is possible to go barefoot that you will not make on crushed stone granite. On it this material is rather demanded at improvement of territories. Gravel represents roundish pebbles.

Ovrazhny gravel (mountain gravel) is widely used in landscape design for the device of coverings, walking paths or platforms. Strew with the gravel differing in the decorative characteristics the territory around beds and artificial reservoirs.

Gravel is very demanded in arrangement of adjacent territories in country construction. Gravel crushed stone can be used as independent material for arrangement of paths or in the form of sand-gravel mix.

Gravel crushed stone creates the universal travelers and walking paths differing in the natural naturalness and unpretentiousness in leaving. Preparation of the basis and a layer of gravel crushed stone 10-12 cm thick is necessary for their arrangement, at the same time it is necessary to provide borders as gravel is bulk. If borders are not provided, it is necessary to dig out a trench of 15-20 cm in depth and to fill up it with gravel crushed stone. For the lower layer large gravel crushed stone, and is intended for the top layer - small decorative gravel.

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Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale
Crushed stone gravel 5-40, 20-40 wholesale
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