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Such creation of all registration and it otd. elements at which art and printing means and elements choose distribute and connect so that to create internal unity of registration of the edition as art and printing. works of art.

The good design of the book considerably depends on understanding of features of its registration. At the same time it is necessary to consider that a considerable role is played here by art composition of the edition, i.e. such creation of all registration and its separate elements which creates internal unity of registration as an art and printing work of art. There is it of components of a printing set (letters, probelny materials, etc.).

The main component of an art form of the edition is the book model. The book has to be designed. The book model in this case is the model of registration of future edition containing sketches of design elements up to composition of each strip and a turn in the edition. The basic model of decorating in which along with sketches of external design there are sketches of the edition strips, major for registration, marked for a typographical set - the title page, shmutstitula, trigger and trailer strips, standard strips with illustrations, with headings of various hierarchy, footnotes and so on is especially important. The model defines a strip format, the used size and tracings of fonts, beating between type-setting elements, registration of a table of contents, auxiliary indexes, endnote comments and notes, output data.

The major starting point in the course of prototyping of the book is the choice of its format which in many respects depends on functional conditions (the pocket edition, the room book, the desktop reference book, etc.) and opportunities of printing house in which the order is placed. Besides a format there is a set of other components forming the book as whole to them belong:

— texture and tone of paper on which the book is printed;
— the font used for the basic and auxiliary texts;
— proportions of the edition and type-setting strip;
— ratio of fields of the book page;
— configuration of a text set;
— format of a line;
— interalphabetic, word and line spacings;
— means of a visual partition of the text (paragraph spaces, outdents, beating, initials (drop caps), font and color allocations, elements of a rubrication, marginalia);
— kolontsifra, headlines, kolonlineyka;
— illustrations.

Each edition represents a complex combination of elements, various as envisioned, to appointment and the visual shape. During the work on registration of the book the combination of such qualities as imagination, harmonious perception of visions, perception of the printing word as means of communication, good knowledge of printing processes is required.
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