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Decorator (intermediate) 600 mm. ,400mm buy in Almaty
Buy Decorator (intermediate) 600 mm. ,400mm
Decorator (intermediate) 600 mm. ,400mm

Decorator (intermediate) 600 mm. ,400mm

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The machine is designed to mechanize the process of decorating confectionery products with chocolate icing at food industry enterprises.

It is equipped with an automatic cleaning system for nozzles and a time relay, on which the cleaning interval is set. It is also supplied with a filter to clean the chocolate before decorating. The design of the filter allows you to change the filter element as soon as possible.

It is made in two modifications: 1. Decoration of products only from above 2. Glazing of the bottom of the product + Decoration from above.

The machine consists of a frame on which a bath is installed for heating and maintaining the desired temperature of the glaze. Bathtub with stirrer.

To maintain the set temperature, the bath is equipped with a water jacket, a heater and a circulation pump.

A vane pump is used to supply the glaze to the decoration unit.

The desired temperature of the glaze and its control is provided by an electronic temperature controller of the "ARIES" type.

A conveyor with a mesh conveyor is installed above the bath to supply products to the decoration area.

As a conveyor drive, a motor - reducer is used, the speed of rotation of the shaft of which is regulated by an electronic control unit (ECU).

A decoration unit is installed above the mesh conveyor.

Movement of nozzles of the decorating device in the horizontal direction is carried out with the help of a motor - reducer, the rotation of the shaft of which is controlled by the BEU.

In the upper part of the decorator there is a control panel, on the panel of which there are devices and buttons for controlling the decorator.

Principle of operation

Warmed chocolate icing and, if necessary, the necessary additives are loaded into the decorator's bath.

When the set temperature is reached, the chocolate icing is fed into the decoration unit using a pump, and the supply of icing from the BEU pump is regulated so that the jets coming out of the nozzles are even and without breaks.

Includes decoration unit and mesh conveyor. The speed of the conveyor and the amplitude of oscillation of the decorating device are adjusted to the desired mode, which is necessary for applying glaze to the product.

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Decorator (intermediate) 600 mm. ,400mm
Decorator (intermediate) 600 mm. ,400mm
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